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Wednesday, February 29, 2012 8:39 AM
Cross Country 2012 & random stuff

OMG I LOVE NEL. (who cares if this gif's not getting any notes - I LOVE NEL K) Well actually I'll like any female anime characters as long as they aren't too much of a crybaby who needs the male protagonist or some other strong guy to come save them all the time simply because they are too weak. Bleach has plenty of strong and cool characters who I simply adore, and even though I haven't catch up with the latest episodes, I love most of their characters :D Yoruichi and Soifon are both too fabulous max *A* Male characters will be ICHIGO OF COURSE IT'S ICHIGO he's the best isn't he... though I love Hitsugaya, Grimmjow, Byakuya too and many other kawaii characters ahsdjsghjfhsdja. Okay back to Nel. She's so lovely omg I remember crying for her she's such a nice espada and I love the seiyuu for her she sounds so cute XD Nnoitra was being a bitch bastard for attacking her ugh wth.

Anyway! Cross Country today yesterday @ ECP~ Walked the 3.6km with Qianying talking about random stuff and had free milo from the milo van after that. You know what, free milo from the milo van always taste better than how milo taste normally - for me lah, lol. AND MASS DANCE SHAKE IT WOOHOO. I wish I still remember the dance steps omg, and I'm quite happy that I actually tried to dance to it instead of standing at one side awkwardly doing nothing while looking at others dance. PAH that would have been so noob. Because I always love mass dance :) Who cares if I looked stupid? (well actually I do care omg hahaha)
Went to Dhoby Ghaut for lunch with Weiyan, Mandy and Qianying after that at JustAcia. Yam icecream huat ah!
OMG I WOULD HAVE ORDERED MORE FOOD IF I DON'T HAVE THIS UGLY DISGUSTINGLY HUGE ULCER THAT IS HURTING CONSTANTLY. YES. IT STILL HURTS NOW EVEN AS I'M TYPING THIS LOL IT HURTS EVERY SINGLE SECOND SINCE IDK WHEN I AM DYING K BUT I AM STRONG SOBZ. LOL shit this I complain too much about my ulcer - but this time's really a horrible one cuz I accidentally bit the corner of my mouth like three time like omfg and it seems like my "vampire teeth" has gotten sharper haha maybe I'm turning into a vampire soon. Haha. Haha.
Okay sorry that wasn't even funny orz T-T

And then I came back home to sleep and sleep and sleep like a pig. The end.

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