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Saturday, March 10, 2012 11:19 PM
Someday's Gone

An awesome song :')

Ugh okay updating this blog entry because something just pissed me off on tumblr. The last time somebody reposted my gif was when I was still using my previous blog, so it has been quite some time since people repost my stuff (or maybe they did, just that I didn't notice :\) and it's so hajsdhshfkjsdkkfa. Omg I have no idea where to start ranting. Reason why I can't rant on my tumblr account - PEOPLE JUDGE. Hey fuck this everybody judges. I'm okay here since lesser people comes to my personal blog and it's not like something a lot people will bother reading. I know, posting things online and expecting them to continue belonging to you and only you is plain stupid and naive. IT'S THE INTERNET FOR GOD'S SAKE. NOTHING IS PRIVATE. People come and go and take your stuff as and when they want to, and not a single person's going to give a fucking shit to it. I'm saying here that reposters should rot in hell ahjsdhsjkafhksdhf because I'm feeling really pissed off right now and I need to vent my anger and disappointment lol okay I had calmed down perhaps I won't be pissed anymore (but I'll be, a little bit ahjsdkshjkfsd ugh wtf)
I was so proud of this gif and people who I'm following even reblogged this. I WAS SO TEMPTED TO UNFOLLOW EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WHO REBLOGGED THE REPOSTED ONES. Okay I know I'm being childish saying all these I should understand how the internet works and yada yada if I don't want reposters then I shouldn't even be posting any shitz at all and keep everything to myself. Yup yup I understand all of those bullshits and stuffs but I'm upset now k. They have no idea how mean I am. If you can see what I'm imagining right now that will happen to the reposter you'll cry omg. Nobody has any idea how much I've always been suppressing. You're lucky that you're not going to die a horrible death. MEHHHH HOPE YOU DIE LOL.

OKAY. At least I've calmed down a little bit now. Still pissed though ugh wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf. I can't do anything about since I can't access to anybody's askbox (stupid error thingy you're the one who should just go ROT IN HELL DAMN YOU ERROR I HATE YOU) and it's kinda sad cuz nobody cares. :D
Well. It's not like I give a shit to other people when their gifs got reposted too. But hey I don't even have a chance to give a shit BECAUSE I CAN'T. #foreveralone&powerless Okay. Chill.
Sobz I love Rukia and Inoue ;_;

HAHAHA BYE. Wait. One more thing. Like wtf, I had noticed that this tumblr user liked the one I posted but she reblogged from the reposter? WTF WAS THAT WTF WAS THAT ON PURPOSE THAT PISSED ME OFF -.-

K I need to act like an adult and not get so pissed off by a lame ugly fucking idiotic stupid reposter.

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