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Friday, March 9, 2012 9:10 AM
"Let’s meet back here one day…"

“We are leaving this place in order to make our dreams come true! And once that happens… Even if we are split apart, let’s meet back here one day… And the three of us will celebrate together!”
It's just so sad ahsjdfkhsjafhjkhfjhs. Konan, Yahiko and Nagato were precious little kids and they were so freaking kind and nice and cute and fuwa fuwa WHY DID THEY HAVE TO DIE THIS IS SO UNFAIR. Those days they spent together with Jiraiya omg - I wish they could go back to those days again, days filled with laughter and happiness, instead of their life out there when they're older which was filled with blood and tears and pain. OMG PAIN PAIN PEIN omg let me cry all over again agbsdsajfhdjkhfjksdhka ;_;
If only Yahiko didn't died. He and Konan would have been together all ~happily ever after~ and Nagato could have found some nice girl like me and if Jiraiya didn't die they would have all meet up again someday in their secret hideout again omg omg omg they would all one day start thinking about the past and reminisce on those days they had spent with their Jiraiya sensei and Jiraiya too they would all decide to go back to the hideout and COINCIDENTALLY they'll meet each other then. Realizing how long it has been since they last saw each other they would all start laughing and ending up shedding some tears and those small smiles that holds a thousand feelings.


I can totally imagine the whole scene omg it would have been so beautiful and precious. Would have been. Well it can actually happen, maybe t-their spirits will all meet up there and they'll smile at each other and be all happy and stay at the hideout together or something. And Jiraiya would go back to visit Tsunade sometimes in her dreams.
Well actually I think they all did managed to get back together because if you look at the scene that I had gif-ed it's the blocks at their hideout. When it's flipped to red it's means that they're in the house but if it's turned to the white (with a cute frog) side it means that they're out of the house. So we know that Yahiko and Nagato didn't get to flip theirs because the enemy attacked them before they could so when they died their spirits will actually go back to the house? ;_; And as for Konan she flipped her block but after she died one of her paper got stained by her blood and turned red and flew back to the hideout to slowly land in front of her block to cover it so it's as though saying that she's back together with Nagato and Yahiko (sobs) I could practically hear her say "tadaima..." as the paper landed in front of her block omg. :')

Ya know, there's a scene where when the trio was about to leave their hideout but were attacked so they escaped through the trapdoor thingy? And they came out from the other side of the house and slowly left the place and we can see that the scene faded to show how that place looks like now. THAT SCENE HOLDS SO MUCH MEANING OMG THE GRASS THERE AROUND THE EXIT for the trapdoor has gotten so much taller because soooo much time has past and they were never back again and now their hideout were all old and dingy because /sobs/ THERE'S NOBODY TO CLEAN UP THE PLACE BECAUSE THEY WILL NEVER BE BACK AGAIN OMG :'(

May them all rest in peace. :(