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Monday, March 5, 2012 6:18 AM
Surf N Sweat 2012 & Send-off

18th February was a... um, fun day. Well I had a life that day so I think I should blog about it since my blog was dead during that time and I have so much stuff that I want to blog about (AND MY BIRTHDAY AHSDKSFSDHAJFHKSAD OMG)
First, CIP for Surf N Sweat @ Sentosa! ZOMFG 20 HOURS OF CIP HUAT ARH. It started out sucky. Reeeeeeally sucky. We woke up at like 4am+ early in the morning just to bathe and stuff before rushing off to Sentosa and when we reached there, all we did were just sitting down and waiting for the event to start at like 11am? 9am? I CAN'T REMEMBER HAHAHA. And so we lepak around and Shaun and other peeps as usual, played with their frisbee and so I joined. Apparently Shaun now has already forgotten I was on his team then because I was too insignificant (ouch!). I can't play frisbee for god's sake omg how I wish that I'm good at all sports that people/team mates can actually depend on me during games by passing the ball (or whatever it is for that game) to me. Meh nobody trusts me during sports anyway I don't even get the chance to try. OH WELL.
OKAY OMG SORRY FOR DRIFTING AWAY FROM THE MAIN TOPIC OMG. So anyway after everything yada yada and I sat out after frisbee-ing for a while and waited waited waited until it was time for the event. BUT NO. That STILL didn't mark the start for our job zomg. Sat at the back of this small lorry/van thingy vehicle for around an hour before we finally arrive at our destination - I mean, how big can Sentosa be ugh wth they keep driving a bit and then left us alone (to rot) so most of us fell asleep eventually lmao what the heck ikr.
SO. When we finally arrived at our destination it was already quite late and we're supposed to be doing belaying (go google the word if you don't know what I'm talking about, lol) so we waited waited waited again and bought loads of food from the 7eleven (OH MAN THE FOOD THERE WAS SURE EXP K AND SENTOSA SOMEMORE LEH AHSJDHASJD) cuz I was getting really famished :'(
When our job finally started we had to wait for people to arrive at our station for the high elements activities and help but putting the ropes by being the second belayer or the fourth belayer or just simply helping the participants put on their helmets and harness and stuff like that. It was actually quite fun in the end because we volunteers also got to try out one of the high elements in the end omg. Can't believe I actually trembled when I was high up there meh meh meh it was the string's fault though it was too unstable for me ajksdhskjfhksa wut. I like being a belayer but I have no idea why. Maybe it was because it was fun shouting all the command words. "Team am I on belay?" "BELAY ON!" I like shotuing, maybe that's all. HAHA. The professionals (what do you call them I have no idea @@) there were friendly too and joked around with us :D:D:D
Too bad the sun was freaking scorching I ended up looking like a lobster along with Mandy and Angela omg. The sunburnt was so bad it hurts like mad (ooh that actually rhymes (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧) but of course I had recovered by now (it's already March oh shiiiiitz)

Went to the airport with Mandy to send Mag off after Surf N Sweat. She's going to Australia for six years to become a Veterinarian omg almost cried even though I'm not close to her because I saw how sad all her close friends are ;_; She's going to come back as a beautiful doctor, god bless :)