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Friday, April 20, 2012 7:44 AM

OH GOD. I don't even know where I should begin. School has been really horrible for me recently, ESPECIALLY TODAY. :(

Woke up slightly later than usual today because I forgot to set my alarm to wake my cousin up to wake me up. ._. It won't matter normally but it's different now since mum's overseas with my aunts all the way in China and there's nobody else to wake me up. Plus I seriously didn't want to go school today, since I didn't studied for the physical geog test that we had today since I fell asleep before I can do anything productive. Didn't write the letter that I'm supposed to give my Math teacher to apologize to her for being rude (it was all a misunderstanding I SWEAR UGHHHKJSAHDJAK MY MESSED UP SCHOOL LIFE) too gdi so this morning even though I know that I'm already late and I could have still reach the school on time if I rush a bit here and there, but I was just sitting on the sofa in the living room and spacing out, thinking about how much I don't want to go school. WHAT.
But still. I ended up going to school because today's the last chance I have to complete my NAPFA 2.4km (hajsdhashdjksa) so I actually dragged and force myself with sheer willpower my movements were so freaking slow though but I finally got to school (luckily before 8am but I'm still late though lol)




Oh god. The morning sun was sure annoying and out to disturb my 'peaceful' run early in the day. I was sweating like a pig mad but I kept pushing myself to continue running to finish that retarded 6 rounds around the school tracks. Despite all the cheers I heard from people around (I heard it's people from another class cheering me? LOL SO MUCH FOR MY OWN LOVING CLASS. WHAT.), especially people from A04 which I only found out much later from qy I felt like they had wasted their effort cheering for me like omg I'm a huge disappointment why why why why why did I failed? :(
Upon finishing the run I sank to the floor immediately with my face facing the ground and I started crying. Yep yep drama queen much I can't stand myself sometimes too but at that time I really felt like a disappointment. I mean, people cheered for me! PEOPLE WHO I DON'T EVEN KNOW OR RECOGNIZE OR EVER TALKED TO EFFING CHEERED FOR ME! (I think so because while I was running I couldn't really recognize anybody from the crowd I could only hear my name being shouted by people) AND I STILL FAILED?!

THE BAD DAY HASN'T ENDED YET. After crying like some baby in the middle of the tracks I went back down to sit on the gallery steps to get my bag along with those awesome classmates who waited for me (or maybe they just want to pon econs lecture hahaha but aww I appreciate them waiting for me lah). As I sat on the gallery steps INNOCENTLY, a UFO came flying towards me. No kidding.

What was I talking about lol. Of course I was kidding! #lame

Apparently it was a frisbee.  A GODDAMN FRISBEE THAT FLEW OVER AND CRASHED ON MY LEFT SHOULDER. Ouch. I thought it was a UFO at first because... i have no idea why actually? Maybe I was so tired to the point that I started hallucinating ._.
I bet I stink up the cc when I went there for econs lecture lol... and I went on to sleeping during Physics lesson too because the 2.4km run has made me all exhausted and dead (almost) even though I failed but yepppp.
Physical geog test on catchment basin shit with the Mekong River examples didn't went well too, I only managed to squeeze out 2 and 1/4 page for a 16 marks essay question when we're expected to write like 4 freaking pages. D: Forgot to bring my notes too... along with the stupid giro form that we're supposed to submit TODAY for the payment of alevel.

BUT FINALLY. FIIIIIINALLY. Something good happened. FREE ICECREAM!! Because A02's the winner for romanis's captain ball sports day competition for girls :D Well I didn't help or anything... but all the girls still get a free icecream for 11a02 and 12a02! AWESOME CHOC'O'CHIP!

AND YES. Saturday's finally here... in an hour. Fairy Tail next morning! :')
I need a good rest hahaha.