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Tuesday, April 17, 2012 4:05 AM
May the odds be ever in your favour

Okay. Yes, I do know that I'm quite late because I only watch it now when others has already watched it like, weeks ago?! Woah, you can't blame me though. How sad it is when you don't have a single FRIEND who you can watch movies with? Or rather, NOT HAVING ANY FRIENDS TO DO ANYTHING WITH AT ALL?!

#puiling complaining about having no friends in a post that talks about her going out with her friends - okay, can.
#le crack knuckles cuz it has become a shitty habit for me recently
#going off-topic because idek

Anyway, asked Huien out cuz I haven't seen her for goddamn long and she's nice enough to watch The Hunger Games with meeeee. /SOBBING MY PRECIOUS TEARS/ AND OMG THE HUNGER GAMES WAS SO NICE. But well. Actually it wasn't entirely a great movie session because: 1. WE SAT ON THE GODDAMN FIRST ROW I HAD A HEADACHE OMG because the front part of the movie was actually shaky (to show the effects and to make it look more realistic BUT OUCH MY HEAD LAH) 2. this weird guy who sat on the other side of me kept laughing, it doesn't matter what scene it is, he'll be laughing. LIKE, WHAT'S HIS PROBLEM -__-
Well other than that it was okay. NOPE, NOT OKAY. IT WAS AMAZING :D I swear I'm not obsessed. LOL. REALLY. I only love it. :) I don't even read the books, what rights do I have to claim that I'm a fan? omg. BUT I'M GOING TO BUY THE BOOK. EITHER THAT, I'M GOING TO FIND WAYS TO READ IT. AHHHHHHHDFJHASJFHASKJDD.
PEETA IS SUCH A CUTE NAME. KATNISS IS NICE TOO. BUT PEEEEETAAA'S THE BEST (yep try saying peeta repeatedly, as many times as you want to, in a high pitched voice BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I DID TODAY IN SCHOOL HAHAHA PEETA PEETA PEETA #WOLS) Everyone in the movie was so cute omg and Rue ugh why did she died she's such a sweet little girl and ahsjdasdhjka mocking jays and her partner from district 11 was so cute too, especially after Huien's comment at the part where he's like "District 12, I shall let you off this time!" on how ah beng he looks hahaha. Foxface was cute too she's like some deer running so fast XD I can't remember the name of the participants from District 1 and 2 and the others though... I feel sad for Cato, because... OUCH ._.

Well The Hunger Games's movie's actually good, in my opinion, but I haven't got to read the book so I can't really judge? :\ BUT STILL. PEETAAAA!!!!!

Went to some kopitiam with Huien after that. LOL ME AND MY EMBARRASSING MOMENTS IN PRIMARY SCHOOL OH GOD. Was an awesome day though! :):):)

YiFang's late birthday card for me! ♥ I haven't even make hers orz /horrible friend/

Went out with the girls on Saturday! It has been quite some time since I last saw them too ;_; Sat around and tried to catch up with each other's life I guess. I got bored though when they decided to go shopping. OH GOD. SHOPPING. WHAT'S SO FUN WITH SHOPPING ANYWAY OMG. I'm probably the only one who yawn non-stop during shopping trips D:
Welllll. Actually no. I was yawning all the time because I keep seeing nice stuff around that I CAN'T AFFORD. BRB CRYING ORZ. Oh and a late happy birthday to Felicia too omg. I'm a horrible friend X273487238748274 yea maybe I deserve not to have any friends after all ;_;
But haha, it was still great meeting up with the girls :')

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