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Saturday, April 14, 2012 8:06 AM
Who dare says we aren't perfect?

When I was still young, at an age of about 10 years old or younger, I ACTUALLY WANTED TO HAVE SINGLE EYELID BECAUSE I WAS JEALOUS OF PEOPLE WITH SINGLE EYELID. K sorry for the caps I sound like I was screaming but yep I was screaming. YEEEEP.

Okay let me rephrase it. Before the society 'taught' me that having double eyelids is pretty, I actually wanted to have single eyelid. I was jealous. Soooo jealous of my classmates with single eyelid. Because to the young me who had no idea how the society works before it brainwashed me, single eyelid is definitely prettier than double eyelids.

Imagine my shock I found out how everyone thinks that having double eyelids is prettier than having single eyelid. Everyone, except for me. How shocked I was, to also find out about people getting surgeries just to HAVE DOUBLE EYELIDS?! OMGGGGG. I was like, "huh, so double eyelids are supposed to be the better one?!" All my life I've been thinking how cool people with single eyelid look, as compared to people without double eyelids like me because we look dumb hahahaha.

I can't remember how I had come to accept the fact that yes, double eyelids are definitely the superior one. Every now and then I'll remember how I used to think when I was young, because the society caught me and ate me up along with millions and billions of others. I don't even know. Oh god. Well this kind of shows how the society can actually change the way people thinks, I miss the younger me who have thoughts unaffected by what everyone else around me thinks. Why the hell should the society control the way we think? Well actually it doesn't control, we just got brainwashed along the way and go with the majority, except for the few who dares to be different. How I used to want to have single eyelid so much, but now I'm completely satisfied with my single eyelids. Wait. No. I have triple actually, and quadruple when I don't get enough sleep, LOL.

Wait. Or maybe I'm the only person who thought that having single eyelid is prettier. Or maybe... I'm just not satisfied with what I already have and want to get something that I don't have? Shit. Idek.

So... screw the society's standards, what exactly is beauty? :\