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Saturday, April 14, 2012 7:36 AM
Because I moo all day


I actually typed a really long text post before this random moo-ing but I deleted all the words. Every single words. Stupid things, stupid things, and stuuuupid things, why should I blog about those stupid matters. PSSHHH.

Let me try to recall what I've done all week. Nothing, I guess. Yep. Nothing. Except for school. And animes and Tumblr. and Twitter. AND SLEEPING IDEK. OMG THIS IS SO RANDOM.

Oh shit. Yesssssss. I FINISHED BLEACH. OH GOD. NEED TO WRITE A LONG TEXT POST ABOUT IT SOON. Or maybe not. Because I was reeeeally hyped about it, so when I finished it, I don't have the feeling that I had finished it. Does that even make any sense lol. It doesn't feel like it has ended. I don't even get the sad feeling. I was just like, spacing out... and wondering when the next episode will be out. Lying to myself that it hasn't ended.

Yes. Bleach will never end. I don't care. Shhh.

Ichigo forever.

K Byeeeeee.