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Sunday, June 24, 2012 2:26 AM

...the way Rei acted after finding out that the kiss Sakura has just given him was in fact her first kiss...


Reread Code:Breaker from chapter one again hehe. I love Kamijyo Akimine sensei's works! ^^ I love codeb, I know there's loopholes here and there... but then again, that can't stop my love and the characters and the story!!!!
ESPECIALLY CHIBIGAMI OMG HE'S LIKE THE CUTEST THING, EVER. I'm in love with Chibigami and the way he talks LOL it's so rude that it's too cute *A* Can't believe he's such a whore when he's young HAHAHA he proposed to almost every girl he came across omfg too cute I CAN'T EVEN. And yea, what about me? When is he gonna propose to me? orz
Can't wait for chapter 183 to be translated soon, tried reading the jap raw and I can only understand stuff like "Sakura-chan!", "desu", "omae...", "hontou ni?" and other super simple phrases orz
I'm really excited for the anime to be out in October, the trailer's awesome, by the way! I hope they'll animate the entire manga instead of a half-hearted 25/26 episodes :\ Oh well the director for codeb's anime was the director of FMA! I have high hopes. I know many others have too :')

Things they need to show in the manga soon (a.k.a stuff I want to know) :

  • How emperor-dono looks like (damn i'm stuck to calling him emperor-"dono" thanks to influence from sakura) omg he's definitely another good-looking one who can control the seven flames marvelously! I already love the kid version of him haha. Hope that he won't die just like that!
  • SHIBUYA'S FACE. He has been hiding underneath that nyanmaru suit of his for over hundred of chapters... YOU NEED TO GET OUT AND LET ME LOOK AT HOW YOU LOOK LIKE OMG I want the reunion of Sakura, Sakurako and Shibuya!! ;A;
  • Heike's lost form. Oh please "something marvelous"? I don't buy that LOL I AM FREAKING CURIOUS OMG. This guy is so mysterious I wonder what else he's hiding... I'm so confused about him but he's probably going to turn out to be a good guy... sensei's characters always end up good cuz the characters always have reasons for doing all those bad stuff etc ._.
  • How Rei's going to deal with Sakura's "love" for him (oh please this girl's so innocent she'll probably never understand that her love for Rei isn't like the "love" her parents have for her!!!) SAKURA AND REI NEED TO BECOME CANON SOON LIKE KYO AND YUYA IN SAMURAI DEEPER KYO. YESSSSSSS.
  • more of uesugi (this guy is too low-profile i wish they can feature him a little more as a re:code...D:) and fussy-lunch with his kawaii chopstick hohoho

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