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Saturday, June 16, 2012 11:40 PM
Persona 4

Currently watching Persona 4! Okay wait I'm only like, 5 episodes into it but well it's quite cool, I guess. I don't play the game though :O

Anyway, so I'm watching this part where they're talking about how when you look at your tv at midnight when it's raining, the screen will show you your "the other half". However it turned out that those seen on that midnight channel ends up dead during foggy days. And they died because they were thrown by someone into the world in the tv. With Narukami and his friends realizing that they can actually enter the other world in the tv, they begin to explore it and trying to solve the mysterious murders.
In the other world, they found "shadows" of themselves, which is something like another them but it's actually the evil side of them, the side of them that they refused to face. For example, it's something like, you pretending to be nice to someone whom you actually hate but you don't admit that you actually hate that person probably because everyone else love that person so you kinda force yourself to like that person too. So yep the shadows will come right now and talk about those feelings you tried so hard to run away from.
I don't really get why the characters are so scared and refusing to admit that the evil side of them belongs to them and it's exactly how they feel deep down and those shadows eventually turned into monsters and started attacking them. If it's me and I meet the evil me and she starts telling me how I actually feel towards some people and blah blah I'll be like okay sure I know that. How hard is that LOL.
Because. I do admit that I hate some people and I know I hate them not because I don't like them. I actually like them, but I hate them because I'm in fact jealous. Come on, how hard is it for someone to face those facts. Which is why I hate myself because I do understand the rotten personality I actually have deep down. I'm actually the worst kind of person I've ever known.


I just typed a whole chunk of crap omg.

What was I doing idek. Herp derp in the mood to badmouth about myself LOL.