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Monday, June 18, 2012 9:43 AM
what a cooper

Woke up real early in the morning (a.k.a. 9am+++) to get ready just to go all the way to the center-east of Singapore to my teacher's house for econs consultation. "Mrs Wong's econs clinic" haha XD It was a long journey to her house because it's actually deep inside at the end of the road and we have to walk past like 4623783342 number of private houses before we reached the condo where she lives at. The horrible weather made it worse oh god. Okay I feel kinda bad cuz I didn't actually consult her or anything because I hasn't been focusing on any subjects except for math. And so I was kinda just spacing out a little here and there, and listened to her answer for my classmates' questions and stuff. Mrs Wong's house is so homely and cozy ahskdhsfhlsda I got kinda sleepy after a while orz. Gotta thank her for the awesome lunch too, she cooked so much for us ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Left after that and went to town with Mandy and Guochang! Oh boy when was the last time I visit the town?! SOBBING. Spent a long time in MUJI and Daiso at Ion HAHAHA JAP STUFF FTW. And omg they were having marvel hoodies ON SALE. LIKE WTF, $29 PER HOODIE. (I think) Too bad they don't have that superman hoodie that has been on my wishlist since... forever. Okay I swear. ONE DAY I'M GOING TO GET A SUPERMAN HOODIE. YES, THE AUTHENTIC ONE.
Bought four new rubber bands at the pretty shop at Cineleisure after that (cuz school's starting soon and almost all my rubber bands are spoilt lmao) and went on to Orchard Central to study with Mandy. They were having a vintage car exhibition there zomfg (ノ>▽<。)ノ JUST. LOOK. AT. THESE. OMG.

my heart's all for this mini cooper *le swoon*
& look at the following description for it!

Studied at Quiznos Sub after that and bought this cookie. It's nice but it's a little... too sweet for me. Never really had a sweet tooth. (COUGHS/ A HUGE FAN OF SALTY FOOD OVER HERE AND ANYTHING MATCHA /COUGHS)

It was really cold there and Mandy kinda fell sick and is currently having a bad flu ;A; Hope she gets well soon!