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Monday, September 3, 2012 11:19 AM

Spent like 17 years plus of my life thinking that I'm a positive person. Up until this year. (damn you 2012 because you're worse than 2011 #dead) Times when I thought I had overcome huge obstacles like PSLE and O's but looking back now, those "obstacles" that I had came across previously in my life were merely stepping stones to greater challenges. PSLE and O's were so simple idek why there are people panicking over it- oh come on, psle's not even worth mentioning anymore and olevel is just... ugh WHAT THE (B) HECK all those geog essays that only worth 9 marks!?!?!!? Summary section for my english papers that I had struggled so much for when gp's a lot more harder. It really makes me wonder why I can't get all my As back when I was still in secondary school. blerghsdgj

Alevel is really horrible. Makes me wonder if I should just give up already. Gah.

And so thanks to the "kind" alevel I came to realize what a loser I actually am. I've never really beaten any obstacles before. Because all I ever did was run away and avoid all my problems. I'm just... not the kind to face her problems properly (omg i suck) With only like 60 days (or is it even lesser already) left till alevel it's really hard to breathe. It isn't something that I can run away from so easily. Is it too late?

Or maybe it's just me being too negative about everything? Because to be honest I can name more things that I hate than the number of things I like. I can tell you more negative things about myself rather than the good things. Oh and I don't really care about whether the cup is half filled with water or half empty oh god just drink the water already please dskjasshak ugmsab sjabfjbyr982yrhhjkdh okay idk what i''m typing anymore i think i need to sleep it's like over 2am why am i blogging i'm not even making sense cuz i'm  thaaaat sleepyf safsdkahjk meh

extra econs lesson tmr. pls. it's september HOLIDAY. thank you verymuch jkdagsdg