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Wednesday, September 5, 2012 12:12 AM
no wait why

I should probably stop going on about how life sucks. HEH.
It's already FREAKING WEDNESDAY and I haven't got a single thing done! Ugh screw my september holiday. Luckily I don't have any paper next monday, but my last paper for prelims will be on 20th sept I'm probably gonna get choked by the amount of the stress by then idk. Told my mum to wake me up early today so that I can go to the library to study BECAUSE I CAN'T CONCENTRATE AT HOME AT ALL PLEASE. She didn't believe me and asked me to just stay home instead because she doesn't see how I can't study at home. asdgsjkadklsa. Right. Just look at what I'm doing now. Holy crap excuse me. I'm a really horrible person.

Finished watching Zenkai Girl like, yesterday morning/afternoon I can't really remember but yep finally! It was awesome but I enjoyed the front to the middle part of the show more as compared to the ending, since the ending was a little abrupt and kinda cheesy it just left me hanging there with lots of question marks. I mean, it has a happy ending and all that but there are unanswered questions so I was like huh um okay so it ended already????? Or maybe it's ME who missed something some details idk.
Oh well but it was overall a really nice drama and Nishikido Ryo is really cute hehehe. I really like the little girl who acted as the young Wakaba she's so lively and has those huge pretty eyes and even keeps a blog here. Was fangirling over the little kid acting as Pitarou omg I felt like a pedo but shdjhsjkfa he's too cute can I pinch his cheeks or something @@ While watching the drama I saw a rather familiar face and kept wondering which other dramas have I seen him in before realizing it was Suzuki Ryohei he acted in Yankee-kun to Megane-chan I was like woah I remember him!
Wondering what other dramas I should start but then again maybe none I SHOULDN'T BECAUSE EXAMS I'm already watching To The Beautiful You and I have tons of anime episodes and manga chapters to catch up with anyway agsjdghajkdghk what is time k bye haha

oh and thanks for the 35th sotd i've ever gotten for today :)

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