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Thursday, September 20, 2012 9:39 PM
Stop Girl

Had my last prelim paper yesterday, which was Physics paper 1. It sucked as usual and my friend was like "wow that was quite tough isn't it?" but I couldn't answer her because I didn't know that the paper's hard since it's the usual for me - I couldn't do it anyway LOL I can't even differentiate what's hard and what's easy anymore. I thought it was just me being noob again cuz I didn't revise (obviously... #slapself) Oh well at least prelims had come to an end! ...Alevel's just around the corner though... in 40+ days, yikes and I have a Math homework due on Monday #notimetobreathepls

Had a full meal the day before after my geog paper. Ate my favourite Bandito Pockett at kfc and had dessert after that with Qianying Darren GuoChang! Shared a bowl of honeydew sago with qy well it was my first time trying it I rarely eat dessert anyway orz

I'm sad cuz I'm currently having a sorethroat - my voice sounds okay but my throat hurts like shit and I have bottles of water with me everywhere I go in the house. Drinking so much water I'm gonna burst UGH I HATE FEELING ALL SICK AND TIRED :(

pssst... ukiss's stop girl! youtube's kinda annoying recently they have so many adverts everywhere - I don't really mind but I MIND when it disrupt the pace of my internet and lags the video all the time when the ad changes or something dammit