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Sunday, October 21, 2012 6:33 AM
prima facie

"You're ugly."

A simple sentence with an impact so great it can shatter one's confidence completely and affect the person hearing this, for the rest of their lives.
Even though I want to be all "no, nobody's ugly, some people are more flawed in their appearance as compared to the others, just like how some are more flawed in terms of personality" - but no, I'm kinda sick of all that.
How many times have I scroll down my dashboard on tumblr seeing posts like "remember, you're beautiful", "you're beautiful in your own way" and so on. Well it's not that I disagree with those posts. They're actually helpful, and those posts may have even helped some to cheer up when they're feeling down and plain shit and thinking of doing something that can lead to irreversible consequences?
Despite all that, even though some may have made those posts sincerely wanting to cheer people up, BUT some probably made those posts wanting to gain notes so that they can gain followers and become tumblr famous. Uhmmmm, okaaaaaay??? Having these kind of thoughts makes me doubt the sincerity of such posts, seeing them no longer boost my confidence or anything, it just makes me feel kinda... sick, I guess. Blergh.
But of course, the Internet's free, everyone can do almost anything they want to, like how I'm typing this useless post that's probably not making sense to anybody, including myself (laughs) It just makes me feel all weird about those posts and various things people say in an attempt to lift your mood, telling you that you're beautiful when they could be lying blatantly and on the inside they are really all "naw i was just kidding you're actually ugly, reeeeeally ugly hahahahaha". Yea I have this problem of doubting nice things people say to me. I know, I'm a horrible person, okay /coughs
Those words may cheer people up, but are those people really becoming more confident or are they merely running away from reality??