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Wednesday, October 31, 2012 12:04 AM
Queen In Hyun's Man



okay i need to chill.

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ANYWAY. Started watching the drama because GODDAMN CHANNEL U ON TV INTRODUCED IT. I mean, I'm not supposed to be watching any new dramas or animes or whatsoever now, considering the fact that alevel's starting next Monday what the heck?!?!?1 But anyway, the tv kept showing the trailers for the drama it seems interesting so I was like, since the drama's only aired every Sunday on tv so no harm starting to watch it, it won't take up much of my time right?

I WAS SO WRONG. I should have understand myself better. Understand that I'm not the kind of person to stop watching a drama that interests me so much just after watching only the first episode or any shit. Oh but it was only after the second episode on the past Sunday I REALIZED THAT I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE. I NEED TO FINISH THE GODDAMN DRAMA ALREADY BECAUSE I WAS SO CURIOUS WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT.

My recklessness killed me. DERPPPPP. I went crazy and started searching for an online drama site that shows QIHM but NO I COULDN'T FIND ANY DO U GUYS UNDERSTAND HOW DISAPPOINTED I WAS!?!?! Then I saw this link on google search that links me to Youtube and then I realized that there are people uploading the drama onto youtube, parts by parts though. Since Youtube is forever so lag AND I WAS SO DESPERATE I decided to downloaded all the parts and episodes and get them into my goddamn phone to watch. 72 VIDEOS IN TOTAL. (lesser than what I could have downloaded if I haven't already watched some parts on the tv) The downloads took me ages but then again when I'm determined to do something I AM ACTUALLY THE CRAZIEST PERSON EVER #SHOOTSELF


Okay so here's the plot: (edited from dramawiki)
Kim Boong Do is a scholar who had supported the reinstatement of Queen In Hyun when Jang heebin's schemes resulted in her being deposed and replaced as King Sukjong's queen consort.With the help of a talisman (given to him by a gisaeng who was previously his wife[dead]'s servant or something idk) when he is going to be killed in a fight he travels 300 years into the future of modern Seoul and meets Choi Hee Jin, a no-name actress who is expecting a career renaissance through her role as Queen In Hyun in a TV drama.She helps him to know about the history of his time and change some events.After that they start to develop feelings for each other,but is it possible for them to have a successful relationship?
Like wow, I really pity Kim Boong Do. His life is so goddamn tough :( First, his entire family got killed/purged (including his parents, his in-laws, and wife who was pregnant back then - i don't think he's really in love with her or anything though it wasn't mentioned but marriages are often arranged by parents in those ancient times isn't it, so he probably doesn't have much choices since his father was also some high-ranking officer then, until he CAME TO THE PRESENT AND MET HEE JIN /KYAAA)

Then he has to deal with all those assassination shit and people coming for his life since he's siding with the deposed Queen because he had swore to protect her five years ago (what a loyal guy :'D) Not only that, because he was given the talisman and travels 300 years to the present he has to deal with a new surrounding to adapt to how people are currently living. Then he met this girl and fell in love and yadah yadah, still have to go back to the past to continue dealing with those bad guys while the girl can only cry whenever he's in danger because there's nothing she can do about it.

He was almost poisoned too but since he had known about what's going to happen to him because he read about it in the history books (annals, whatever you call it) in the modern days he managed to escaped his fate.

And after he thought that he has finally settled everything in the past AND THEN HE WENT BACK there was one more bad guy who wasn't caught back then and the freaking talisman was tore and Kim Boong Do lost his memory I WAS LIKE WTF. But anyway, when he finally got back his memory and came to the present again people back in the past started a rumour about how he's actually wrongly involved with the Queen a.k.a. adultery and all those crap and they also talked about how he actually uses black magic since he's always disappearing with the talisman thingy. Of course the King would be angry. Skipping all the parts, he got shot by arrows like a gazillion and almost died a gazillion times too but was saved by the advanced medical technology when he travels to the present.

IT DOESN'T STOP HERE. Just when Hee Jin thought that she's gonna live with her man from the ancient era happily ever after, another thing happened. UGHHHHH. Apparently the gisaeng who gave Kim Boong Do the talisman got killed by the bad guy (damn him !@#$) so the talisman kinda stopped working and turned black and it made Kim Boong Do once again travel back to the past. He was so angry when he found out that Yun Wol got killed (that's the gisaeng's name btw) and tried to avenge for her death and went to kill Ja su (that's the bad guy's name I think - naw don't really care about him though so whatever his name is... doesn't matter haha) KIM BOONG DO IS GOOD-LOOKING WHEN HE LOOKS ALL ANGRY AND IN A FIGHT WITH JA SU THAT WAS LIKE THE BEST FIGHT OMG HE LOOKED LIKE SOME BADASS SWORDMAN PLEASE.

Anyway he kicked the guy's ass and tried going to the present again since he kinda left Hee Jin all alone in the middle of a date she was so worried aww :( It was already morning though and he finally got back and just when they're about to be in each other's arms HE DISAPPEARED AGAIN. This time the talisman turned completely black and the characters which were previous on it are gone too. Kim Boong Do realized that he can't get back to the present again and was so upset so he spent like a month or so trying to find the monk who had written the talisman to ask for a solution AND HE FOUND OUT THAT THE MONK HAS PASSED AWAY. After hesitating for like forever, he feels that it would be the best choice for him to burn the talisman since Hee Jin would probably forget about him then, because he doesn't want to burden her with the memory of him and wants her to move on. Aww :'(

So he wrote a letter to both himself and Hee Jin, hoping that she would get to read it somewhere far in the future AND THEN HE FREAKING BURNED THE TALISMAN THAT WAS LIKE EPISODE 15 I STARTED CRYING AND WAILING MY MUM WAS LIKE WTH GO STUDY ALREADY AND I WAS LIKE NO I NEED TO FINISH THIS IM ALREADY FINISHING AHHHH. He spent another year in the past getting chased by those constable shits (long story) and he was finally caught *omo* He was committing suicide in the jail by hanging himself when his phone suddenly rings (kinda funny seeing a phone ringing in a setting for the older days hahaha) It was totally a relief because their love are so deep for one another that the call can reach across the space of 300 years in between them and that even though Hee Jin has forgotten about Kim Boong Do because of their love (holy i sound so cheesy here but yep) she remembers him again and was crying so hard MY HEART SO ACHING AND I WAS CRYING THROUGHOUT THE END OF EP 15 TILL THE ENTIRE EP 16 ;A;

Upon answering the call, Kim Boong Do immediately travels to the present again and he was laughing I WAS LAUGHING TOO BECAUSE HE WAS LAUGHING IN SUCH A FUNNY WAY AND I WAS ALSO SO HAPPY FOR HIM THAT HIS TOUGH LIFE HAS FINALLY COME TO AN END.

Overall it's really a great drama. It's not something that I can stop watching halfway or anything. Or maybe it's just me, idk. Ji Hyun Woo's totally great for the role and Yoo In Na's so pretty and woah she's really great at crying too it makes me sad when she cries (yea pretty people looks great even when they're bawling their eyes out while I just look like the ugliest person ever --;;)