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Tuesday, October 23, 2012 11:08 PM
road to nowhere

Watched Fairy Tail: Houou no Miko & Naruto: Shippuden Movie 6 - Road to Ninja yesterday! It has been quite some time since I last watched movies in the cinema (the last one was Brave with Carol hehe) and it was two at one go for my precious fandoms whooooop. Met up with Yuhui in the afternoon to watch Fairy Tail and then Naruto in the evening with Ben Chia~

For Fairy Tail's movie, since it's a first for them, it's pretty okay I guess. The story's nice, but it wasn't really special enough for me to go like OMG. Questions I was left with when the movie ended: So who the was Geese? Why did Geese appeared and disappeared at the beginning of the movie and reappeared to save Lucy and Eclair nearing the end of the movie and then disappeared after like a minute or so again? GEESE WAS SUCH A RANDOM CHARACTER IDEK WHY HE IS IN THE MOVIE?? And what, Momon died already? Initially I thought that Momon's actually the phoenix mentioned in the movie but she (or was it a 'he'?) died so suddenly while trying to rescue Eclair in the fire I almost didn't notice Momon disappearing (now maybe that's because I'm a horrible person) Also, who the heck is the masked guy?? There was this random guy and he was fighting with Gajeel and then he lost or something I mean come on at least reveal his identity at the end of the fight?
Anyway, despite the questions, there are the good parts too. MY FAVOURITE SCENE WAS THE GRAYXJUVIA COMBO (VS SOME RANDOM GUY) OMG IT WAS FASCINATING WHEN JUVIA GOT THE WATER IN THE RIVER UP AND THEN GRAY FREEZES IT AND IT LOOKED LIKE THERE WAS A SLIDE IN THE MIDAIR I CAN'T EVEN. AND THEN GRAY ZOOMED DOWN FROM THE ICY SLIDE AND ATTACKED THE ENEMY I WAS LIKE WOWWWWWW. I do like Eclair's character design too she's so cool and it kinda surprised me when it was revealed that she's actually 400+ years old o_o And omg the scene when Erza was fighting - "the fact that I can't get the wedding dress off her is probably because she wanted to get married that bad" and then Erza was blushing I was like omg JERZA PLEASE GET MARRIED ALREADY (kinda disappointed that Jellal wasn't in the movie though dammit) Then there was Gray, stripping everywhere he went to and was eventually caught by the police oh that cutie PLEASE.
To be honest I would prefer the movie's animation to the normal anime episodes' animation. The main characters like Natsu, Lucy, Gray (PLS, GRAY LOOKS AT LEAST 3 TIMES MORE IKEMEN-ISH), Erza (her hair's so much cooler and the way her earrings dangle omg), Happy (he's cuter!) and Wendy looked better in the movie :O The movie's animation is of better quality too (in my opinion, that is) and in the anime episodes you can see those unclear lines when the characters talk too fast or something.
Well overall the movie was not bad I guess. It was kinda weird though, how the bad guy kinda changes at the last minute and there was this ugly-looking phoenix (the power from the phoenix was awesome I like how it can blast off parts of the town with one attack whoopwhoop)

I've been really excited for Road to Ninja for a long time, because of the trailers I've seen showing the alternate world, how the characters have opposite personalities in that world it was really hilarious.
...not that I haven't expect to see any of that, thanks for the trailers I've watched before that for over 10 times so I was actually like, um okay I'm already expecting this and so...?
Anyway, the story started with how Sakura's upset with the way her parents are annoying her because they care too much about her and nag at her alot, and Naruto being down seeing how everyone around him have a family to go to while he's always alone. Then they met Madara (the retarded masked Uchiha guy who was still known as "Uchiha Madara" back then) who casted a dōjutsu on them and send them all the way to the alternate world because he planned to snatch kyuubi away from Naruto there.
FINALLY GOT TO SEE MY BADASS HINATA. All these years we have the nice and shy Hinata who's always there for Naruto BUT in Road to Ninja the alternate world Hinata is somebody who's a little more open with her love for Naruto (who's called Menma in that world okay it's so weird only Naruto has a different name why's that? ._.) and proud of her racks LOL and being all cool ready to finish off any potential rivals for Menma. Then there's the playboy Sasuke who's like "I'm your ally" to all the girls going gaga surrounding him (too bad Sakura you aren't the only one he's saying that to :X) Pervertic Neji and Lee is awkward, lean and build Choji who doesn't eat much while the meat/food-loving Shikamaru went on about how there's a promotion for yakiniku, with a shy Ino tagging along with them. Neko-loving Kiba and insects/bugs-hating Shino. Might Guy who used his "middle-aged" attack and is tired all the time as compared to Kakashi who's ready for any mission and forever enthusiastic. AND OMG SAI. The guy smiling to himself and being all happy with his horrible painting (bet he doesn't realize how much he suck at drawing now)
Sakura's parents are actually the hero of Konoha there, while Naruto's parents are still alive and are all "we're humans before we're ninjas" (no I don't like that BECAUSE THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO BE THE HEROES IN THE REAL WORLD UWU) So when a masked guy attacked (who's actually the real Menma in that world) Naruto pulled out the Yondaime Hokage robe out from a bag that appeared out of nowhere on the ground and put it on looking like the greatest-looking hero ever. Then he went off to fight against Menma to save the village and to his shock it was actually himself in the alternate world, except that Menma has black hair and all that, looking a hybrid of Naruto and Sasuke, when they first met. The fight between Menma with alternate world kyuubi and Naruto with his kyuubi was awesome as the two kyuubis launched the same attack at each other *A* Naruto was like Minato back when Minato was fighting 'Madara' in the older days WHOOOOOP.
THE AKATSUKI. Their appearance was just brilliant "a mercenary ninja group deployed by the hokage" (somewhere around that line I can't 100% remember what they said) #DEAD Everyone in the cinema was laughing their ass off omg because that was completely unexpected. Naruto was like "wait what THE AKATSUKI'S ON OUR SIDE?!?!?!"
The movie was overall good I guess and it would have been better for me if I didn't watch all the trailers and read spoilers beforehand already orz

Let me summarise my day too and well it was a great day spent with great people! :') (typing this long post is making me tired sorry if I'm not making sense for some parts @@;;)

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