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Friday, November 30, 2012 8:51 AM

throwing lamps at people who need to lighten up
throwing handles at people who need to get a grip
throwing refrigerators at people who need to chill
throwing scissors at people who need to “cut it out”
throwing straws at people who need to suck it up
throwing bridges at people who need to get over it
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ROTGX2! Watched Rise Of The Guardians twice, once with Yunlu right after our last alevel paper (physics paper 1 haha) and the second time a few hours ago with Ben Chia.

PRECIOUS JACK FROST IS PRECIOUS my favourite scenes are when Jamie's finally able to see Jack Frost and when Jack saved his sister HE'S (MY) GUARDIAN /FANGIRL SCREAMS

Well overall the movie's not bad, except for the ending which I'm not exactly satisfied with. Since rotg's more of a kids' show so maybe that's why things turned out so cheesy and a little typical in the end? Like how the good will beat the evil because the good always wins??? Naw. I would prefer Pitch (the bad guy) not to get destroyed by the guardians and instead continue to lurk in the corners of human hearts or something, so that even though things seem to be all peaceful already, we still need to be aware of the fact that the evil is still there and that we need to be careful to not let the darkness take over our senses? ...something like that would have been better idk :\

asdfghjkl Life Of Pi next week!

Went out with the girls earlier on today too! Kinda tagged along on the shopping trip at Paya Lebar cuz it's not like I have a prom to prepare for anyway so it feels like I'm going just for the sake of going??? Damn tiring I swear my legs were gonna die or something omg... Got to visit Temasek Polytechnic for the first time today too and well it was cool I guess, I still finds it weird how poly students wear home clothes it makes the school doesn't feel like a school @@

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