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Tuesday, December 4, 2012 4:56 AM
i am so annoyed why do i even have to think of a proper title for this blog entry anyway? what is the point i DON'T see the point

im really sick of my blog these days


yea im currently having another one of my usual mood swings, this time triggered by... oh well whatever

i really hate those female characters in shows i watch who cries all the time, yea those "damsels in distress" it makes me feel like slapping them i mean what the hell please brave up and stop waiting for your heroes or whoever to come save u stop being such a loser omg u think u r pretty but so what, so u think u can lie there and cry like an idiot????? OH COME ON. those useless female characters who needs their boyfriends to do everything for them.

a perfect example would be a recent kdrama ive watched. i shall not mention the drama's name but it's so typical i wanted to puke. as usual, theres a rich guy and a poor girl yada yada they fell in love and the guy's mum disapprove but the guy didnt tell the girl what happened and the girl was confused and dont know what to do shes just so SAD ALL SHE DO IS CRY AND CRY um wth and the guy has to make sacrifices secretly and go meet the girl just so that she can be happy

okay i get how you would want the one you love to be happy but then again can't the girl maKE SOME EFFORT TOO!??!?!?! it's really goddamn annoying that the girl can only cry oh come on buck up and go ask the guy whats happening and share his burden?? hes under a lot of stress thankS TO YOU UGHHH. UGHHHHH.

not that that's the reason why i dropped the drama tho. i dropped the drama because the lead guy's nasal voice was getting really annoying... well he's kinda cute tho blah.\

having rant so much on a random drama... what im trying to say is, even tho i hate those weepy girls I AM ACTUALLY THE SAME *stabs self* *jump off a cliff*

i really hate people who criticise others and fail to recognise the fact that they themselves are actually THE SAME!!!!!!!EHWDKSJKFAS at least when i criticise people and know that i am the same. so what gives me the right to criticise them?? I DON'T KNOW UGH


dont think anybody can make it until this part of the post cuz of the horrible grammar i dont even bother capitalising the first word of every sentence and capitalise my "i"s and im just screaming at random parts of my sentences danjsdkfjsdl

so anyway! even though ive already drift away from you we r so far apart now i dont even know whats going on in your life BUT!!!! it makes me really sad when something so big happened in your life and idk anything about all i can do is sit here like A LOSER and cry for u??? i shouldnt have been so curious abt other people's blog and so i went onto somebody's blog and i read abt what happened to you on that blog i m rly sad cuz i can't be there for you when you need somebody there. u r probably okay without me i know u dont need me BUT I JUST WANT TO BE THERE UGH WHY AM I SUCH A PATHETIC IDIOT

i hate myself so much *angsty teenger rant*

honestly. not saying that to gain any attention from people or whatsoever. i am rly grossed out by myself like 99% of the time