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Monday, November 5, 2012 6:26 AM

Today's the first day of alevel. Well overall General Paper has been okay I guess. Initially I was rather nervous but then I managed to calm down after entering the exam hall because it feels like it's just another normal exam instead of being THE ALEVEL #TABLEFLIP

Paper 1 has been weird. The most retarded essay topic was "Consider the view that mathematics possesses not only the truth, but supreme beauty" uhm okay I wonder if anybody was crazy enough to pick that question LOL. I ended up picking a really general question though, not sure whether or not I've done well but I think I kinda went off-topic for a little, ugh. Many were like "bell curve there's bell curve" after each paper but then again that would only benefit you if you do better than most Singaporeans, does that mean many of my schoolmates have confident that they'll do better than most of others taking the paper???

Paper 2 was kinda... easy, for the short answer questions. Blergh, too good to be true, so I tried to write a little more to make my answers a little more foolproof idk. Didn't really finish my AQ on time though (dammit) because I was kinda dilly-dallying since I have 25 minutes left for that section and blah somehow I ended up only having two arguments (which is so not enough!!!!)

Anyway, found this on twitter/tumblr (idek where it originated from anymore :\) apparently there was one question where we were required to rephrase "music has charms to soothe the savage breast" and omg just look at the Cambridge examiner's report I can't- omg laughing so hard omgogmgsdfjkh

Oh well there's no papers for me tomorrow! WHOOOOP. Then I'd be having H2 Math Paper 1 on Wednesday followed by my H1 Physics Paper 2 on Thursday (I'm so dead omg I need to start studying my Physics already dhasjghjak)

Took screenshots of all the well wishes (via text) that I had received :D There were a few more though, via Twitter, thanks everyone :)
(all these screenshots are gonna make this post goddamn long excuse me) (in no order btw)