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Tuesday, November 13, 2012 7:37 AM
Please Don't...

I've been seeing people talking about this song for a while already and now I finally bother to look for the mv AND NOW I'M ADDICTED TO THE SONG HELP

The mv's great too, especially the ending. I LOVE THE ENDING LOL. It raised a few eyebrows among the viewers and I find the comments really entertaining. Everyone was confused whether the main guy was actually in love with the girl or his guy best friend (I secretly hope for the latter /coughs) due to the weird ending. There are those who insist that the main guy character was in love with the girl and decided that he shouldn't have let the girl get in between him and his best friend, which explains the ending where the guy tore their photo and put himself beside his best friend while overlapping the girl (whoops). On the other hand, there are also people who was asking people to stop being so homophobic, claiming that the main guy's gay and that he's happy for the girl but annoyed when he saw that his guy friend is happy.

Oh well who knows haha. The song's really great! :)

Started reading Liar Game and Battle Royale earlier on (not the movie/dramas, I'm talking about the mangas) I think I'm going crazy excuse me. Liar Game would be more appealing to the majority out there since the plot's really cool and the main guy's a con man OMG AKIYAMA IS A GENIUS PLEASE *A* (I'M GONNA WATCH THE DRAMA SOON WHEN I HAVE THE TIME BECAUSE I JUST FOUND OUT THAT TODA ERIKA IS THE ACTRESS FOR THE MAIN FEMALE CHARACTER OMG OMG OMG /FANGIRLS)

As for Battle Royale... naw it'll make most readers uncomfortable I think. I'm okay with it, though some scenes really grossed me out, like how their intestines fell out when they got shot and stuff like that. My favourite character is Sugi ahdjashdjk ^^ and omg Shinji Mimura... as sexually active as he may be, he's kiiiiind of clever, making up plans etc. Oh come on, a student who can MAKE A BOMB??? WOAHHH I'M IMPRESSED OKAY. Too bad he got killed by Kiriyama. He's really good at survival though, even though he got shot and his stomach is like falling out (literally lol)(ignore this if you're uncomfortable lol) he managed to tolerate the excruciating pain he's going through and found a duct tape and taped his wound up. Here again, I'm impressed, heh. Only at chapter 66 though (in one day hehe)

Started watching Once Upon A Time two days ago. WHOOP I LOVE RUBY!!!! DOWN WITH THE EVIL QUEEN PLEASE

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