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Friday, November 16, 2012 12:04 AM
Battle Royale

So... here's a blog post dedicated to the most retarded manga I've ever read, Battle Royale.


Okay overall the manga/story's plain crazy. It completely portrays both the "ugly" side of humanity and kinda the better side too (naw I don't really care about the latter) It's ugly, really ugly. Everything was hell. "KILL, OR GET KILLED."

Anyway, the first time I've heard about Battle Royale was from Huien who kinda introduced it to me after I mentioned about reading Mirai Nikki (another manga) and after so long, I finally got down to reading it since I'm currently having alevel and I thought I may need some gore to distract myself from the stress and all those shit. Not sure if I had made the correct decision though LOL.

Battle Royale is something that... I started reading from the first chapter and couldn't put down until I finished all of the 119 chapters. Well, except when I have to sleep. The story's sick but I couldn't stop reading for some reasons (maybe I'm sick too help) At first I felt kinda awkward with the art but after that I got used to how realistic it made the story to be.

Here's the plot. This class had to join this program whereby everyone were isolated in an area (deserted island in this case) and the classmates were made to kill one another... until only one of them is left. (well they were all given different kinds of weapons to attack each other freely) If they refused to do that and nobody dies within each hour, all of their collars would detonate and um, their heads will explode, hallelujah! (shit i sound like a complete sadist) And so the killing began. There were those who wanted everyone to be united and blah blah to think of a plan to escape together and also those who play, hard. Classmates who were once your best friends, are now your worst enemies, now how about that? It would really be scary if this happens in real life... omg I don't even want to think about it. (I may be able to cope with manga/anime gore but no, not real life gore please spare me that)

There were some significant characters who I probably would never forget (probably) like Mim (Shinji Mimura) who died a genius after building a bomb and all those attempts to keep his mind clear even though his stomach is literally spilling out, who died so brave, in the name of a treasured friendship. He could have survived if Kiriyama (some crazyass guy who just won't die after a few shots at him) wasn't such well, a crazyass.

Then there's Sugi (Hiroki Sugimura) who died protecting his crush from Kiriyama (again, the crazyass guy) he was so goddamn good at kungfu (whatever you call it) I CAN'T BELIEVE HE LOST TO KIRIYAMA AND DAMN THAT'S CUZ KIRIYAMA WAS WEARING A BULLETPROOF VEST!!! #TABLEFLIP I would have prefer him to end up with Takako though (another girl, who was his best friend but not his crush BUT SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL AND SHE LOVES HIM D':) ...not that Sugi ended up with anybody since they all died. Um. Yep.

Kiriyama. YES THE CRAZYASS GUY!!!!!!! He went around killing people like girls going shopping and buying clothes LOL. The scary thing was... he has no expression on his face. Nothing. He felt nothing at all. It was as though he was merely crushing ants. Blinked and the next moment you're killed by him because YOU DIDN'T NOTICE THAT HE WAS JUST RIGHT BEHIND YOU. Plot twist: Kiriyama was actually involved in a car accident when he was a kid and got his nerve damaged, that's why he feels nothing. He lost his feelings when he was only a kid and he was no longer able to feel happy, sad, angry or whatever. We can't really blame him... right? But it was really creepy how he managed to get up after being shot at his eye and even though his body was already full of bullet holes he continue chasing after people attempting to kill them. REALLY CREEPY. Kinda felt sad for him when he died, I think he got shot at his nerve or something and he was like "I can... feel... again..." :(:(:(

There's also Shogo Kawada, the transfer student who's playing the 'game' for a second time. He has been through quite a lot, especially how he has got to deal with his girlfriend being killed by him the previous time he played the game. Apparently he had a fight with his girlfriend just the day before the game so they weren't exactly on good terms then and nearing the end when there was only 3 persons left (Kawada, his girlfriend, and another retarded classmate) Kawada didn't notice that the retarded classmate was going to shoot him from behind and thought his girlfriend was aiming her gun at him instead so he shot her on instinct... It was really sad since when he finally recovered from the game shit and got home he found a package sent by his girlfriend before the game started to give him a present. I CRIED SO HARD OMG THEIR STORY REALLY GOT TO ME I JUST COULDN'T CONTROL MYSELF :'( He was like, "she loves me too much, but I love her too little", saying how he didn't trust her as much as she trusted him :(

Well and there was also Mitsuko Souma, who everyone nicknamed "Hardcore Souma". She goes around raping guys and killing people... what else could you expect haha. She had a really sad past too, she was raped by her stepfather when she was really young, causing her to think that she have to have sex with people in order for them to trust her and to like her. Idk, she's just really screwed on the inside it's just too sad :( Too bad she got killed by Kiriyama who wasn't affected by her even though she completely undressed herself in front of him since he couldn't feel anything as usual. That's probably the first time Souma's appeal didn't work and that got her killed... oops.

Wow I honestly don't know how this blog entry got to this long (it was meant to be a short entry at first I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED I COULDN'T STOP TALKING AS USUAL)

But overall Battle Royale was really cool and I love how the characters are rather well developed, even though there were so many of them. But of course, there were sex scenes and gore scenes involved so I don't think most people out there can handle this manga well haha

...not sure if anybody bothers reading this post /coughs