hi this is a personal blog and i update it whenever i want, whenever i have things to blog about.

a pokemon master. love good food, design and singing. can be kinda dramatic at times [inserts lots of coughing]

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Thursday, December 6, 2012 11:19 AM

so... a brief entry here. i really want to blog about life of pi which i watched the other day (IT'S AWESOME!!!!) but it's really late now it's over 3am and i have to wake up early um, later on so yep.

anyway, played audi for the first time properly today in like years?????? met this primary school kid and he asked me whether or not i want to marry him (as in, in the game) and when i told him that im a lot older than him he was like "WTF" are all primary school kids that weird and vulgar these days??? i mean, chill lah it's just a game???

got stood up twice today too omg i dont have a life i went to weiyan's house in the evening to pass her animes to watch LOL i should probably get a job soon. i need to. mum's forever nagging me cuz christmas and new year's coming and she wants me to work on those days to get extra pay um okaaaaaay

wow im so tired now this is a lazy entry without proper sentence structure and um, stuff??

lots of question marks in this post too cuz im confused about myself???? why am i blogging about random stuff???