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Saturday, December 8, 2012 12:20 AM
Life Of Pi

So for the first time, me, Mandy, Weiyan and Yunlu had an outing together in the two years of our jc life! Well actually I mean after our jc life lol. Okay that was like 3 days ago on Wednesday and we watched Life Of Pi in the cinemas :)

I heard that the novel was kinda a bore and that the movie's not bad but I've never read it before and neither do I know what the story's about in the first place, all I did was go to the cinema and watch whatever the movie has to offer so yepppp.

The movie opened with scenes showing um, the lives various types of animals and their movements in enclosed areas, giving the audience an introduction of how Piscine grew up in a zoo.

Piscine was being made fun of when he was in elementary school (um, I think?) because of the similarity between the pronunciation of his name and the word "pissing". When he got to middle school he was determined to change the way people see him so he started introducing himself as "Pi" (as in the Greek letter "π") on the first day of school. It was unsuccessful at first as there are kids from his previous school who knew about his nickname but as the day proceeded and finally arriving at the last lesson of the day, which is math lesson, Pi was up in front of the class writing out the entire numeral figure that is being represented by π on the board (and that's like 3.14159265359... sorry I kinda copied that off Google) Hence by the end of the day, after surprising his math teacher and classmates he became well-known in school as "Pi".

Welllllll and that's only the part about how Pi got his "name". I like that part because it's interesting haha. So anyway moving on, subsequently Pi was involved in a shipwreck and almost everyone on board the ship died except for him and a few animals... (his family's migrating and they're selling the animals in their zoo) so Pi had a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker, a zebra, an orang utan and a hyena with him on a lifeboat. Pretty scary because the hyena eventually jumped onto the zebra and the orang utan and made them into its meals. Pi was of course terrified, not knowing that Richard Parker's just hiding beneath the cover part of the lifeboat. The hungry tiger got frustrated in the end and jumped out and devoured the aggressive hyena and that's how Pi ends up floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean alone with a Bengal tiger. WhoOooOop.

Already drained from the huge storm and devastated by the fact that he has lost his family, Pi still have to make efforts to keep the tiger away from him and together these two oddly-matched companions managed to survive and go through adventures on the sea like encountering a man-devouring island...

Overall the movie's really cool and the graphics are amazing :') The scenes with Richard Parker when he's hungry was really scary but he eventually became rather, um, cute (??????!?!!??!) I guess haha.

Here's a chart found from film.com lol it's kinda funny-

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