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Friday, December 28, 2012 3:30 AM
Christmas 2012

...not in a really good mood right now cuz I just changed my blog's layout and it looks like shit I feel so uncomfortable just looking at it gadhjksk the only nice thing is probably the songs I just added?

So yeppppppps this is how I spent my Christmas! Went out with the girls we were so bored because there's nothing much to do except sitting around and eating random stuff I WAS CRAVING FOR CHEESE UGHHH. Dined at Jack's Place and it was like thirty-four bucks for an adult's dinner, horrendous price when there's not much in the courses, mainly due to the festive season I guess???

What's a Christmas without photos with christmas trees?

apparently they have free party hats on every tables @ Jack's Place. yay.

starter: prawns & lobster meat on a combination of spring salad, asparagus & apple in yoghurt dressing

um this is like the nicest photo taken of me for the entire day i looked horrible in other shots :(

main course #1: grilled slipper lobster with chicken served with caper berries cream sauce

main course #2: grilled fillet of cod fish topped with shimeji mushroom & chicken bacon served with ginger lemongrass sauce

their mini cranberry cheesecake is really mini...

this was wrongly served to us and was taken away before we can attempt to try it out uGH I WISH WE HAD BECAUSE THE CHEESE LOOKS NICE


souvenir from yifang! ^^

and... group photos hahaha

...I can't believe it's going to be 2013 soon I'm NOT mentally prepared yet *gasp*