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Saturday, December 29, 2012 1:54 AM
I'm gonna wreck it!

Finally watched Wreck-It Ralph yesterday with Ben Chia! OMG I LOVE THE MOVIE SO MUCH I'M SO GLAD I WATCHED IT THANKS TO THE MOTIVATION FROM WEIYAN WHO COULDN'T STOP SPAZZING OVER HOW PERFECT THE MOVIE IS. Posting three posters of the movie here cuz all the characters are fantastic ahsdjhakhdak /fangirls

The movie's mainly about a guy called Ralph who belongs to an arcade game called "Fix-It Felix Jr.". Ralph is like the bad guy of the game and thus nobody in the game likes him. Feeling left out, Ralph decided that he'll leave the game and go to other games to win a gold medal, thinking that people would finally accept him if he gets one.

I wasn't expecting much of the movie initially it just seemed okay to me until Weiyan watched it and told me about how awesome it is AND THAT THERE WOULD BE A PLOT TWIST. That got me kinda excited too so yepppp. I love how there are great female characters like Vanellope and Calhoun. Vanellope is like THE CUTEST THING EVER I LOVE HER SO MUCH. I just wanna hug her tightly and pinch her cheeks and make friends with her ahsdjkhk. AND CALHOUN. SHE'S SO HOT AND BADASS... and awkward. WELL the guys are awesome too, but at first I didn't really like Ralph because he's kinda annoying going around disrupting other games but he got better as the movie went on. As for Felix... I didn't expect him to be such a nice guy, I thought he would be some kind of horrible character who's just pretending to be nice. Him and Calhoun omg...

The plot twist was quite unexpected. I don't think anyone would quite expect it unless you're really, really into that show and your mind is 101% creative ._.

Overall it was a really great movie, I didn't know that Vanellope would be so involved, thought she would only be a passing character. It was kinda disappointing the fact that there wasn't much Street Fighter stuff in the movie too, but I managed to catch glimpses of Chunli and they showed a little of Ryu and Ken too whoop ^^

Oh and I like how Owl City and AKB48 sang for the soundtracks of the movie too! :D

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