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Saturday, December 15, 2012 11:45 PM
why am i always having weird dreams???

People are always saying how when you have dreams when sleeping at night it means that you are actually not getting any sleep at all? If that's true then that's probably the reason why I'm so tired recently ughhh... well actually I've been sleeping at 3am every single day for the past week and waking up at 11.30am (yes, exactly at 11.30am everyday I'll wake up I HAVE NO IDEA WHY) and that's like 8.5 hours of sleep holy shit. In the past, whatever time I sleep at and no matter how late it is, I'll still be able to wake up at 7~8am but I can't achieve that now I'm probably getting old lol

Anyway. Unlike people who dream about things they can't stop thinking of in the day, like things they fangirl over etc, I don't. The only fictional character I've dreamt of is L (yea as in, L from Death Note) and he's like my husband who's a warrior and I was like the chosen one for some shit I was so confused because I had that dream when I was in sec 4 instead of when I was in sec 2 (I was more of a fan of DN in sec 2 lol) There was a furnace and I was in some huge dungeon where I trained hard everyday to defeat something?

I'm always dreaming about things that are the last on my mind???? Like, people who I haven't contact or even think about in a long time. Also, my dreams are always rather serious LOL. Oh yea and there was once in primary school I had this dream where everyone in the world turned into walking and talking skeletons and that I was the only human being left. Everywhere I went I see skeletons and there was nowhere to hide *screamssss* I have also dreamt of situations like dinosaurs invading my school, and also aliens invading my school (separated dreams, and maybe I had those dreams because I was really sick of school - that was during sec 4 haha yep olevels)

The day before, L appeared for the second time in my dreams and this time he's a little boy who's a detective and I was like his companion or sidekick or something and we were solving mysteries to save idk who? AND YESTERDAY I dreamt that I was married (not to L this time) to some really nice guy BUT THERE WERE MONSTERS AFTER MY LIFE AND THEY ARE GOING EVERYWHERE TAKING INNOCENT LIVES I WAS SO SCARED. Damn. Why wasn't I some powerful being in that dream so I wouldn't be scared?

...one day my dreams are so gonna kill me lol. Maybe I'm having so many adventures in my dreams cuz reality's too boring for me haha