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Saturday, December 15, 2012 6:40 AM
So I'm finally gonna update my blog properly I wonder if this would be a long post hmm I hope not?

...wait. Do people even read the blog entries' titles?
Sorry this is kinda like a movies update cuz all I ever do these days is watch movies omg ahsdjkdhkjhdkl

Okaaaaay. First, I watched Silent Hill: Revelation with wc on Monday. It's supposed to be a horror movie (I think???) I don't think the movie's well done. In fact, it's the very first horror film that I watched without screaming at all. Seriously, what the hell? If you've watched horror movies with me before, you would understand how loud and piercing my screams are and that I get scared very easily. So I was watching Silent Hill the other day and all I could think was "okay is this really horror?"
When the movie started I was really confused because the girl was like hallucinating things that aren't even there and that's because she's from Silent Hill and those people there wants her back um I don't really get the story??? Those parts that were supposed to be scary are actually rather disgusting instead of being um, scary... Overall, the movie's quite a typical horror movie that tries too hard to scare people. Well that's only my personal opinion, maybe there would be others who like it idk??? The lead girl's really pretty though haha.

Went out with Dorothy and Nicole on Tuesday! Awesome blogskinners whoop whoop haven't seen them in a long time! Since there's nothing much that's fun to do in Singapore we decided to watch Hotel Transylvania (yea my 7th after-a's movie haha) The trailer has been showing for forever in the cinemas and I remember the first time I saw the trailer was when I went out to watch Brave with Carol and that's like a gazillion years ago idk??

Anyway, had our lunch at Pastamania :) Shared a pizza among the three of us as I babbled on about how jc life is (MY JC LIFE SUCKS - okay but that's kinda my own fault oh well haha) for my fellow soon-to-be jc kids friends. Idk why but we were sharing about our kindergarten lives as well and I think Dorothy sounds like she's a good victim for the bullies when she's in Kindergarten cuz she said she got bullied by her classmates and she didn't know what to do about it. Tbh Kindergarten days are dumb and kids that young always do dumb stuff but of course I wasn't dumb (okay do I sound like I'm praising myself... guess I am oops) I was quite a bully in my Kindergarten days okay hahaha

Watched the movie after lunch and well I guess it's okay. I think some guy sitting on the right hand side of Dorothy was really noisy I kept hearing him talk during the movie???? I have no idea why people laugh at some of the funny parts that has already been shown a few thousand times in the trailer um maybe I was the only person who watched those 'funny' scenes with a straight face *coughs*

The movie's actually not that bad and it's not that boring either... it was just fine. Honestly, some parts were really hilarious. But I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't seen the trailer for so many times beforehand already omg...

with nic!

with dorothy!

AAAAAAAAND FINALLY. Went out with Yifan on Thursday and we watched The Hobbit. Wasn't expecting anything because I went for the movie without even knowing the plot... The only thing I know was some house-tunnel thingy which is the hobbit's home and that his home has a green door?? (I saw the pic on tumblr hahaha) Also, Weiyan had told me The Hobbit's some sort of a prequel for Lord Of The Rings? YEPPPP that was all I know and I wasn't even planning to watch it until Yifan asked me out lol.

Wow wait. I just realized that I had watched a lot of random movies with Yifan. It was the same with POTC (yea and I became a potc fan after that) and Breaking Dawn II all she did was asked me whether I wanna watch and every time I would be like um okay anything, up to you.

The start of the movie was actually kinda boring... OKAY IT WAS REALLY BORING. Because I have zero idea what on earth's going on I was having this awful headache because my head's filled with too many questions. What the heck's a hobbit? Are they all dwarves? Why do they look like they aren't dwarves? Why are there so many odd-looking monsters? And Gandalf? Huh, is he like Merlin or what? Why are there so many dwarves in the hobbit's house why are they singing OMG WHY ARE THEY SINGING?!?!??!

OBVIOUSLY I HAVEN'T WATCH LORD OF THE RINGS BEFORE. DUH. Okay but as the movie moves on things kinda got better as the group was met with various um, adventures (or dangers) and I gradually began to understand the movie better? My favourite part was when Bilbo Baggins met Gollum (is that what it's called I have no idea I was confused lol) and they had this bet and gave each other riddles to solve well that scene was pretty cool and Bilbo managed to outwit Gollum and escaped from the cave whoop. AND OMG THE RING.

The movie made me feel like watching LOTR haha. Yifan found The Hobbit boring though. Can't blame her because we don't know much about the movie in the first place. Well overall it was interesting I guess. THE ENDING WAS AKJSDHKALJLJALSJFD IS IT GOING TO HAVE A SECOND PART??? I heard part two's coming out next year December hmmmm.

Okay my shoulder's aching like mad now I've been typing this shit for too long I shall excuse myself now...

(oh yea haven't gotten around to change my blog's layout ughhhh I'M STILL THINKING BUT IM NOT GETTING ANY INSPIRATION DAMMIT)

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