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Saturday, January 12, 2013 12:12 AM
a recollection

Not sure whether I'm just feeling nostalgic or what, but this morning (okay it was actually afternoon I woke up after 12pm haha) I suddenly thought of those times in my primary school (I almost typed 'kindergarten' lol) where we had Scrabble sessions. My form teacher would let our class play Scrabble after we had finished our work or whenever she felt like letting us play and she would declared it the time for the word search game. I always love playing Scrabble and I kinda miss playing it. It's fun trying to form words with only the 7 letters we were given and then accumulating points as the game goes on.

There have been times when I was left with no choice but to form the word "sex" on the board cuz I was out of ideas with the limited number of letters I had (and of course, my limited vocab) and my classmates would be like "eeee teacher, see she put sex leh!"

Okay, I have always been the kind of person who when she panics she doesn't show it on her face so yep I pretended that I wasn't affected by what they said and tried to defend myself "sex only what! another word for gender cannot ah, you don't have a sex (gender) meh!" Oh god how innocent I was back then, obviously most of us 9~10-year-olds don't have a clear idea of what exactly "sex" is. I remember how my form teacher was standing nearby my group at that time and she nodded in agreement to what I had said. LOL.

Tbh primary school kids are really lame. Think they know everything when they don't. Haha.