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Saturday, April 13, 2013 9:12 AM
well idk whether i should feel sad or relieved

Friday was my last day at work. (my contract's up) After saying "hello good morning/afternoon/evening Ikea Home Delivery" for the past three months I've already gotten used to it, despite dreading work all the time.

Of course I do feel relieved. It's quite a tough job, I had to bear quite a lot of responsibility I guess??? Picking up complain calls from rude customers when I'm unlucky, having to hear them go on and on like forever but can't interrupt them or argue back. It can be very tiring. It really sucks to be in a horrible mood and picking up a complain call. Meh. Well, at least I got more or less used to it.

I should be feeling happy right? Freedom at last! But it's just kinda sad how the senior colleagues and everyone else at my work place are so used to seeing part-timers leave after 3 months nobody really bother giving me proper goodbye. It's just the usual "bye~" :\

Kinda miss some of the senior colleagues, supervisors and some of the delivery guys. Three months sound so short but it felt kinda long too. Leaving a place I've already gotten used to despite not enjoying my time there is still sad. There are people I wanted to say goodbye to but didn't have a chance because they weren't there when I left work on Friday...

Mixed feelings. Ugh.