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Tuesday, April 16, 2013 9:51 AM
Being unproductive

S'up.  Ever since my job contract was up I've been doing nothing but stay at home for the past few days. Well, not really nothing. I'm just on my laptop all the time, catching up with my animes, dramas, mangas, and I spend my time playing pokemon crystal on my android phone through the emulator app /coughs

Yea I'm officially an otaku now. A shut-in.

Despite my mum nagging at me everyday for me to get another job I JUST CAN'T YET. I have things I want to do, stuff like coding the theme for a theme blog on tumblr that I'm going to start with Bettina, and maybe make appointments to finally, finally, FINALLY get braces. Won't be so soon though since I'm lazy. Somebody please get me motivated ;-;

Weather's been pretty horrible these few days IT WAS SCORCHING HOT OKAY. Kinda make me miss work a little cuz they were always blasting the aircon over there in the office ajdhjkadk sigh

Read about what happened at some Boston marathon this morning as I scrolled through my dashboard on Tumblr (sometimes tumblr srsly feels like some newspaper) I read up more about what happened on some news app and saw lots of photos. What happened was really horrible, I cried when I saw a photo of a runner losing both his legs from the bombing. #prayforboston :(

Saw a quote on tumblr, I found it really meaningful. Since there were people complaining about how much media is covering on the Boston marathon bombing incident but not about bombing incidents in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq where even more people were killed.

"The value of human life is not determined by how much or how little the media reports on it"