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Friday, May 31, 2013 4:02 AM
Adventure Cove Waterpark @ RWS

Went to Adventure Cove Waterpark at Sentosa yesterday with Angela and Yunlu!

Okay I honestly have no idea how to describe the time we spent there cuz there's no photos since none of us has a waterproof camera haha. But anyway, went on crazy rides that had me screaming and holding onto the handles so ever tightly cuz my LIFE DEPENDS ON THEM but eventually I got used to the craziness and didn't really scream after a few rides haha. I rarely go to theme parks so that kinda explains why I was so nervous about those rides at first /coughs/

HOWEVER! I got killed by our final ride. It wasn't even that scary. It was a ride that was separated into three parts cuz there was two turns in it. During our first turn we kinda hit the side of the slide and our float turned and we went down for the rest of that ride... backwards. I mean, riding backwards is okay, but this one goes up and down and I just kinda died LOL.

Love the Bluwater Bay! It's a giant wave pool and they will start this wave during intervals. The second time we went on it we found only one available float so they let me sat on it since I'm the only one who can't swim haha ;-; It was funny cuz Angela and YL were grabbing on to the sides of my float and they kept sinking especially Angela cuz the waves were too high for her height (Angela's only like 1.5m i think??? YL's 1.72m haha) I felt guilty since I was the only one sitting comfortably while they struggle in the water :X (I called that a shipwreck)

Met up with Lyn in Orchard after that and we gave cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes to Angela as a belated birthday present :D

IT WAS A MAD TIRING DAY IM CURRENTLY HAVING THE WORST MUSCLE ACHE I EVER HAVE. SERIOUSLY. It hurts even when I turn my head ;-; Well it's because I haven't been exercising since forever haha I'm so unfit.

Buying food after the rides!:)