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Tuesday, June 18, 2013 7:21 AM
Update #517

Hi there, haven't been blogging for a while.

Have been watching kdramas lately haha and these are the few I like out of all those I watched recently. (Yes most aren't from this year and YESSSSS I KNOW I'M REALLY SLOW OKAY) (in order... as in, which one I watched first to the one I finished only a few days ago)

First, Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I've been wanting to watch it and actually I've already watched episode one like last year??? But then I got really lazy I think I started ep1 when I was feeling sleepy then so I didn't quite get what was going on until this year I finally got myself to continue watching haha.

I've seen Park Min Young around a lot lately so when I saw that she's the main actress I was like okaaayyy. I'm okay with her and her acting but it's kinda weird how she disguised herself as a guy and all that cuz she looks too cute (?) to be a guy LOL. And this is the first time I'm seeing Yoochun in a drama I wasn't really impressed but well maybe it's cuz of his character being a little too serious most of the time. Like most of other people out there, I love Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In! Geol Oh and Yeorim - the best pairing ever ;-;/ (yes I'm one of those crazy fangirls but they really have, what do you call it? ah yes, chemistry)

Overall skks was not bad and I was rooting for Geol Oh to be with the main girl (despite the fact that I like geol oh and yeorim pair - he's a really sweet character!!) but it didn't happen :( I feel kinda bad for Yoo Ah In too cuz just look at the top search that came up when I google his name... seriously?

(probably cuz of geolrim pair haha)

Next up, School 2013! I started this around the start of this year but I kinda stop after ep2 (yes I know I was lazy) but I finally continue it after I finished skks :)

It has like zero romance and it's all about teachers having to deal with students who get into troubles all the time (sigh) and yes, students like us who struggles with school life and stress and... other stuff. Started out kinda meh and mundane idk, I was kinda disappointed bUT THEN THE STORY GOT BETTER IT WAS SO DRAMA AND SAD MY HEART BROKE LIKE OUCH I FEEL THEIR PAIN AND EVERYTHING UGH LEE JONGSUK AND KIM WOOBIN ARE SO CUTE I WAS LIKE CRYING OVER ALL MY FEELS. (excuse me) All the side stories are great too like I can totally sympathize with the students and stuff even though everything quite dramatic and some of the are really annoying /coughs

But overall school 2013's quite good I'm glad I watched it! BROMANCE DAEBAK!

Rooftop Prince! I've never really considered watching this because I saw the poster on the right before and I thought how it looks kinda like a ridiculous show with four guys being really random in tracksuits and having weird hairstyles??? BUT I WAS WRONG HAHAHA.

I actually started watching this because I saw the comedy and romance genre in it and it sounds not bad. BUT THE FIRST EPISODE KILLED ME the story is actually really sad?!?! Totally unexpected from what I've seen from the poster. Everything broke my heart :( I like Yoochun in Rooftop Prince more than in SKKS cuz he's not that serious he's actually really funny? But well that's probably of his role haha. I like Han Ji Min too her eyes are really pretty ^^ The other characters are really funny and cute too it's an amazing drama mixing all the comedy and super sad dramatic shits in.

The King 2 Hearts - one word: NO.

This is saddest drama out of these four and also my favourite. The worst too. Because first it tortured me, then killed me by ripping my heart out. HA JI WON AND LEE SEUNGGI ARE REALLY GREAT THEY KILLED ME WITH THEIR ULTIMATE ACTING SKILLS, along with their good looks, of course. This really intense and crazy dramatic drama had me crying all the time I watched it in bed before sleeping I had to cry myself to sleep cuz everything's really sad and perfect (?????) Blergh idk anymore. I love Lee Yoon Ji too she acted as Seunggi's character's little sister and what happened to her was really tragic and ugh I don't want to talk about it. SIGH.

And then there's Jo Jung Suk. I hereby dedicate this paragraph to him and only him, for breaking my heart. I don't even want to talk about what happened he had me crying the hardest my eyes were swollen and puffy all thanks to him. Just look at him in the poster above (he's the one on the furthest right) doesn't he look like a cute bunny?!????? EUN SIKYUNG PLEASE.

As much as I hate the bad guys in this drama, I have to praise them for being really, shit. They do really horrible stuff and they look really scary too ;-;

Overall? Do I even need to say this?? Even though there are some awkward parts and actors/actresses acting as China people when their Chinese sounds so horrible I cringed and rolled off a few cliffs, it's a fantastic amazing wonderful fabulous piece of work.