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Sunday, May 12, 2013 11:24 PM
Indie Pop: Helena Beat & Wild Things

(finally a post that's not about horror games hurrr) (i really want to play ib though but the file i downloaded's corrupted #tableflip)

Anyway, I started listening to San Cisco recently and really love their songs, especially Awkward and Wild Things. I don't really get the music video for Wild Things (um cannibalism?? almost typed hannibal *coughs*) but the tune makes me feel happy it has this soothing and carefree beat to it. Well, that just my opinion.
"You've got the hatred that you
You've always hated in you
You've got to face them now"

Saw in comment for Wild Things video on youtube that the video concept is somewhat similar to Foster The People's Helena Beat but whatever!! Both music videos kinda freaked me out (Helena Beat more haha) I'm not posting these 2 vids to compare the both of them but rather I just feel like posting songs I like?

I've always love Helena Beat simply because the beat is catchy and I like how there's this part at the start of the song where you can hear... children's laughter. Yea creepy but I like it I have no idea why??? Only watched its music video like a few days ago after I saw people talking about it on Wild Things's comment section. Wow I had no idea the music video is actually so weird I don't get it but I still love the song a lot haha
"I never knew if I could face myself to change
You were pacing I was insecure
Slip and fall, I got the calls from the prison I've been living in"

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