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Sunday, May 12, 2013 6:38 AM
Misao (truth) + Osu!

Started watching pewdiepie's videos on his youtube channel yesterday and watched him play Misao (laughed so much haha) (playlist link here) THEN I REALIZED I DIDN'T COMPLETE THE GAME ACTUALLY. I had the Truth chapter left???

Luckily I found out about it before I delete the game! So I paused his video and went to complete the final part of the game orz

(okay this is like my third consecutive post about games and stuff there won't be a fourth I promise)

Wheee helping those who died get reincarnated into... babies

um okaaaaay

me attempting to use money to persuade misao's ghosts to stop beating yoshino up "look, misao! money!" but apparently misao doesnt like money :(

Mr. Sohta when he was still a student before his plastic surgery (gasp)

~*happy end*~

bonus recreation room! idek how i got here???

Was playing Osu! for the first time with Bettina. I really suck at it. Even though the following screenshots are showing that I've gotten A and S ranks (whispers: THEY ARE ACTUALLY FOR THE EASY MODEeeeee ;-;)