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Monday, May 6, 2013 8:54 AM
Iron Man 3

Watched Iron Man 3 earlier on with Mandy and Shaun! I FINALLY WATCHED IT OMGOMGOMG IT WAS REALLY GOOD.


I'm glad I didn't watch any trailers beforehand (or maybe I did last year I just can't remember?) because watching the trailer now, I realized a few scenes in the ending are shown in the trailer idk??? Ugh whatever I just don't like watching trailers before watching the movie I want to be surprised instead of "oh I saw this scene in the trailer! ha, expected..." that wouldn't be fun anymore would it? (learned my lesson after what happened with road to ninja and rotg I saw too many trailers before the movie IT RUINED EVERYTHING)

I'm kind of a huge sucker for cool scenes that involve stuff like explosions (well IM3 has a lot of those haha) and yepppp fighting of course! Everything was just amazing but the ending was kinda... disappointing? Well it was cheesy and I'm not really comfortable with cheesy endings idk why but it felt ~awkward~

Nevertheless, I still love the movie! It made me feel like rewatching all the Marvel movies all over again, like IM and IM2, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers :'D (there's gonna be a second movie for The Avengers right? can't wait!)

*SPOILER ALERT: Dr. Bruce Banner's appearance was a pleasant surprise!