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Sunday, April 28, 2013 10:54 PM
UKISS Collage Tour Concert Singapore

Went for a ukiss concert on the previous-previous Saturday at Sentosa with Dorothy! (supposed to blog about it like ages ago but i was very lazy so yep excuse me)

I probably wouldn't have gone if it was for Dorothy asking me about it and telling that there's a 1 for 1 promotion so we kinda got the ticket at $79 each when the original price for the category A moshpit was $158. Heh.

Anyway, we eventually found our way there, reaching at about 2pm or so? This is my first time queuing up for a concert and it was really horrible because the sun was mad hot that afternoon almost everyone in the queue was holding an umbrella. It was really sweaty and disgusting ALL WE WANTED WERE COLD DRINKS it felt almost like I'm gonna die from the crazy heat or something oh god.

So we sat under the hot sun for hoursss, till about 7pm, when they ushered us into the area for where the concert was held. I was so relieved because after hours of queuing up my butt was already sore and I was really tired already (the concert haven't even started...) To my disappointment, even though we are allowed into the moshpit already, we have to wait for 1.5 hour more there and it was so crowded everyone was perspiring like nobody's business and stinking the whole place up I was just ugh????

Oh well the concert eventually started. It went really great, if you ignore all the other stuff like people around pushing you, crazy fangirls screaming and yelling into your ears. FYI, Dorothy was one of the crazy fangirls *coughs*

Took some photos with Dorothy's camera! Had to tiptoe for more than two hours because lots of people in front of us were really tall?! My feet were all sore and aching for the next two days even after the concert ;-;

this lucky fan was invited on stage by ukiss and got to take a photo with them and hug them i just?!?!??

Soohyun and Kevin were smiling a lot throughout the concert they looked so cute *u* ...or maybe I only noticed them cuz they're my top 2 bias in ukiss haha. Took a few videos too (like Soohyun, Kevin and Hoon's gwiyomi!! XD) but I'm too lazy to upload so byeeeee :)