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Friday, May 10, 2013 8:41 AM
Mad Father (horror adventure game)

After Misao, I attempted Mad Father since they're both by the same author. Well I would have to say that Mad Father is scary I was literally screaming oh god. (actually i read online that people thinks mf isn't quite scary at all and that it's kinda lame and trying too hard but yea i get scared very easily so...)

Mad Father was also a lot longer than Misao. I took like 1.5 hour to finish Misao while I spent like 5 hours on Mad Father (with the help of walkthroughs too - without walkthrough I probably would have already died from heart attacks I REALLY HATE IT WHEN MONSTERS OR WHATEVER THEY ARE, APPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE AND START CHASING ME AT TOP SPEED UGH)

Also, other than being longer than Misao, Mad Father was more unrealistic (well the father's mad, what can we expect) the mansion's full of ghosts / spirits / zombies who couldn't rest in peace.

BUT YEA ANYWAY IDEK WHY I PLAYED IT. SHOULDN'T I HAVE ALREADY LEARNT MY LESSON AFTER PLAYING MISAO!?!!1?! THAT'S IT. IM DELETING ALL THE PC HORROR GAMES I HAVE. *secretly keeps ib aside* (maybe i'll feel like playing it one day, who knows? :X) And I need to stop blogging about horror games already ffhsajfkfkl

*A LOT OF SPOILERS AHEAD (heroine's name here is Aya)

yay! brb sawing everything up!

yea. *throws doll into fire* wheee

hmmm guess the mum's mad too! ._.



bye babe :(

HE KISSED MY FOREHEAD AHHHhhHHhh *u* (too bad he's a ghost)