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Thursday, June 27, 2013 1:02 AM
Update #519

Not much to update about, (edit: I ended up typing a lot haha) I just feel like blogging idk?

Haze in Singapore came and went (okay not exactly 'went' since it's still kinda here but not as bad anymore?) I don't really concern myself with all those political matters regarding the haze, I'm just really pissed with the haze for messing up my face. I've had like 4 pimples ever since the haze started and well they're kinda fading already but ugh it's just annoying and the haze made my throat all dry no matter how many bottles of water I gulped down everyday thinking that the problem is with my health since I didn't know about the hazy world out there at first (I don't go out often these days and I don't look out of window so... it's like I was totally in my own world hahaha)

Huien came back from the US so I met up with her @ JEM, a mall that was recently opened in Jurong East. I like how JEM has Kinokuniya (just a small outlet though haha) and Muji :):) Back then the haze was still bad and you could even see it indoors hahaha

I hate how my arms look all fat and weird cuz of the angle lol.

Bought a weekly shounen jump issue from kino cuz the mugiwaras :D

Went back to sajc yesterday with Weiyan to get our alevel cert and sgc. Ahhhh I kinda miss my jc life. I didn't really like it much back when I was still studying there (lol I'm talking as if it was a few years ago when it was only last year) but now that I think about it, I should have been more enthusiastic back then and make more good memories idk?

Nevertheless, I still quite enjoyed my time in SA, being crazy, all the laughters, 'chionging' (/rushing) my work and assignments last second, my everyday "我要回家——"(/"I want to go homeeee" < I say this like a thousand times a day) "when is break hah" "I'm hungry" "got homework due today!?" "I want to sleep" All these probably sound very whiny but I don't say all that in a whiny way. Urrrhhhh I don't actually, whine [insert lots of coughing here cuz I'm awkward] AND YES I MISS WEARING THE SA UNIFORM TOO

Anyway, saw Eeron mugging by himself in the school cafe after we've gotten out cert and sgc from the general office. We actually went to the cafe cuz I wanted to see if any stores would be opened or something but nope they aren't :( But we saw Eeron "is that eeron?" "huh what... omg ya i think it's him" so we all kinda ended up chatting and catching up for a bit before leaving.

Went to town after that and loiter around Plaza Sing for a bit with wy before she has to meet up with her friends so I went to Kinokuniya @Taka and stayed there for like an hour or something I have no life I swear orz

I spent my time watching youtube videos (I just like watching random youtubers talking about random stuff lol and well I watch a lot kpop mvs too), running man and making tumblr themes. UGH TUMBLR THEMES. That reminds me I still have to go and fix my codes I've been slacking. Bah time to get back to work o/ I should post on blogskins soon I need to get the motivation daskjdkasld

Oh and by the way here's my top 2 favourite Draw My Life from all those that I've watched by various youtubers (okay I didn't watch a lot but oh well)

Ryan's cuz it's inspirational idk it made me teared up a little....
i just like it okay there's no need for reasons

...and Martina's cuz I love how she's very optimistic and all that :)

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