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Wednesday, July 10, 2013 9:09 AM
Update #520

hi there whatsuppppp. honestly I haven't been doing much lately. going to job interviews, but not getting any replies ugh idk what i'm doing with my life these days.:(

here are a few kpop mvs I like recently wheee. (no this is not supposed to be like kpop mvs review entry im posting cuz well i have nothing to blog about but i feel like blogging so yep)

i'm starting to like crayon pop because they're kinda different from the usual female kpop groups and this song is very vibrant and catchy and their dance is so cute omg *u* i like how the chorus is easy to sing along too "bar bar bar bar bar, bar bar bar bar~"

didn't like this song at first cuz im still kind of not used to girl's day change from cutesy songs to all these sexy (?) songs BUT IT POPPED UP IN MY HEAD LIKE A FEW DAYS LATER AND I'VE BEEN ADDICTED EVER SINCE. no comments on the mv though, it's the usual butt-shaking, finger to mouth, hair-tossing trend in female kpop groups' mvs these days (hint: sistar, 4minute)

kinda refused to listen to the song or watch the mv for a while cuz i've kinda lose hope in sm's production already but i decided to click on it recently and i was like wOW WHY DIDNT I LISTEN EARLIER I SHOULD HAVE TRUSTED HENRY IT'S HENRY PLS ALONG WITH MY FAVOURITE KYUHYUN and yea taemin.

didn't know lee hyun woo can sing!!!!!!!!! he sounds so cute haha. CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE I HOPE IT AIRS IN SINGAPORE AHHHH

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