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Wednesday, July 24, 2013 10:36 AM
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

So.... I finished playing Dangan Ronpa two days ago! Have been wanting to play it for quite some time... was glad when the fan translation for the game was finally done :')

Note: This is not a walkthrough.... lol

What is Dangan Ronpa: (copied from wikipedia)

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (ダンガンロンパ 希望の学園と絶望の高校生 Danganronpa: Kibō no Gakuen to Zetsubō no Kōkōsei, lit. Bullet Rebuttal: Academy of Hope and High School Students of Despair) is a murder mystery visual novel developed and published by Spike (later Spike Chunsoft).

Plot: (summarized version of the one on wiki + my own description)

The game takes place at an elite high school called Hope's Peak Academy (read as "Kibougamine Gakuen" in Japanese) It is a school where only those with various talent of the highest caliber can get in. Each of the students are given the title of "Super High School Level ____" (eg. SHSL swimmer)

The protagonist (the character whom we'll be playing as), Naegi Makoto, was selected by raffle and got into the school without any sort of talents like the rest of his soon-to-be classmates, deemed as the Super High School Level Luckster (or shsl good luck, whatever it can be translated to, but you get what I'm saying) He was elated at first, the fact that he, an average student, is able to get into such an elite school where students who graduated from would have a bright future and all. Little did he know what was going to happen, heh.

Upon entering the school, he fainted and woke up to find himself trapped in the school with no ways of getting out and met with the other students in school, realizing they're all in the same situation. A bear appeared calling himself "Monokuma" (monochrome bear) and claiming to be the headmaster of the school.

Monokuma then proceed to tell them that there's only one way to get out - murder one of your classmates. Not simple as that, the murder have to take place without anybody finding out. A class trial would be held after a corpse is found to determine who the murderer is. If the murderer didn't get found out, s/he alone can get out of the school while the others get killed. Ha ha. However, if everyone manage to reveal who the murderer is, only the murderer will be executed while the rest of them continues living... until the next murder. And so Naegi's fun high school life begins!

Characters: (from left to right)
  • front row - Kuwata Leon (shsl baseball player), Maizono Sayaka (shsl idol), Naegi Makoto (shsl luckster), Kirigiri Kyouko (shsl ?????), Asahina Aoi (shsl swimmer)
  • middle row - Yamada Hifumi (shsl doujin author), Ōwada Mondo (shsl gang leader), Fujisaki Chihiro (shsl programmer/hacker), Ishimaru Kiyotaka (shsl prefect/hall monitor), Togami Byakuya (shsl scion/heir), Fukawa Touko (shsl novelist)
  • top row - Hagakure Yasuhiro (shsl shaman/fortune teller), Enoshima Junko (shsl model/fashion girl), Celestia Ludenberg (shsl gambler), Ōgami Sakura (shsl fighter)

[!!! SPOILERS AHEAD] - yea just in case someone who wants to play happen to come across this post... basically this post is gonna consist of random screenshots I took during the game haha.

um okaaaaaay

...hello is this the police? we have a psychotic bear on loose

she's like one of fav characters uGH SHE'S SO PRETTY AND SMART AND MYSTERIOUS (ref: shsl ???? nobody knows her talent but i've already predicted it correctly from the start of the game *wink wink* it's kinda easy to guess, from the things she does, what she wears and how she talks etc)

lol she's kinda creepy here but she's gonna be interesting hoho

at first i kept talking to maizono-san cuz i thought i should be responsible for her and all since it feels like she has a thing for me /coughs/ i mean- naegi.

all the time i spent talking to her.... and she's the first one to die oh god. on the other hand, dangan ronpa peeps have pink blood and well that's cool i guess

naw not me, how can i kill a girl who's always flirting with me aww man

and then my bby junko (she's one of my fav characters too haha) got executed cuz apparently it's an offence to attack the headmaster... oops what the hell? she was just going on about how she's not gonna attend those stupid meaningless class trials (that one where everyone discuss argue about who's the murderer)

we get a death report on how the victim died so we can conduct some investigation shit

this is actually the trash room where you dispose of your um, trash but the door is so cute the trash can symbol looks like a cupcake awww

pfffft naegi u coward

skipping to the screenshot of the murderer immediately cuz it's difficult to take screenshots during the trial- lots of endless debates with my oh-so-friendly classmates. but for the first death it was pretty obvious who did the job

10 friggin' mini games during class trial i suck at those im telling you

okay togami whatever, you slave-driver making me go around collecting clues for you

fujisaki died here and after /coughs/ investigating "her" body we found that fujisaki is actually a guy... whoops. and about why fuwaka is genocider shou... she actually has a personality disorder and her other personality is actually a very cruel murderer before she enter this school and that's cool, i guess?

gasp ramen-head did it!

oh shut up already, rich boy

ishimaru went crazy after oowada got executed cuz bromance never dies idk.... and he was so scary i didn't talk to him for the rest of the game hahaha

omg naegi what r u thinking

one of you is more than enough, tyvm

genocider shou taking over fuwaka's body once more and being cool waving her beloved scissors around... im surprised she didn't commit a single murder throughout the whole game :o

okay this is the class trial for another death already- ishimaru and yamada's i forgot to take screenshots during that period of time haha

yea this is one of the games where we have to find contradictions in what the other students are saying and shoot him/her down with a um, evidence bullet

ooh celes u r suspicious... ah well thats cuz she is the murderer this time haha

no you don't ever want to piss a girl off enough to witness her crazy side. relax yo celes

aaaaaaaaaand- murderer found, yay

basically she was burned lol

chapter 4! finally uwu

woah why is there a photo of people together who didn't know each other previously...? were they lying to me...? - naegi's thoughts. at that point of time i was guessing maybe the deaths were faked maybe they all escaped after being "killed" and get to live normal lives after that... boy was i wrong

kirigiri how can u be angry with me ilu ;-;

monokuma's quotes haha true

it's very, very obvious that kirigiri is either shsl detective or spy or something like that i was guessing that at the start of the game cuz i was like- wait she looks like a detective and we need one to solve cases don't we? im so clever /hairflip (this is for sakura's death already, btw)


kinda a misunderstanding here cuz asahina didn't murder sakura since sakura committed suicide. she merely tempered with the scene making it seem like she was the murderer wanting everyone to guess wrongly and get killed so they can all die with sakura it was kinda sad here i teared up a bit for this arc ;-;

ugh stop being so perfect please

what are you saying hagakure omg.......... i swear he sucks at fortune telling idek why he was selected for this school???

oh yea like i didn't know that already babe

final chapter and then epilogue and i'll be done!

w-wait, why are there photos of us all living a normal school life together??? what is going on???? (the truth is pretty obvious here already if you can't guess it then well i have nothing to say to you haha. and notice how one person's face is always covered/blocked by sth in the photos? heh.)



apparently she has a twin sister and the "enoshima junko" we spent time with before, the one who got killed from attacking monokuma is actually the sister - mukuro - pretending to be junko while junko manipulates from behind the scenes (i love her voice here she's so cool asjkakdsal) (and yeppppp she killed her own sister :\)

another interesting thing about this psychotic girl over here.... she gets tired of personalities easily and simply just keep changing, one after another.

the truth is... the world has already fallen to despair and it's all chaotic out there that was why the original headmaster (kirigiri's dad) made the students take shelter in the school but junko and her sister are part of the despair organisation shit so they killed the headmaster and drugged the students to make them forget about their two years spent in the school and spreading the despair, making them kill one another when the school is supposed to be protecting them........ :o

and she was so happy to be executed cuz she loves despair. yay.

/pants/ f-finally...... /pants/

(( flashback )) junko asking if they still wanna get out of the school despite the chaos out there and naegi was like no we mustn't give up even in the bleakest moment blah blah blah

and the game ends with the six of them opening the gate of the school (so many of them died ;-;) without showing us whether junko was lying or telling the truth... i hope it's all good cuz i saw togami being all fatten up in sdr2, the sequel to dangan ronpa, but who knows?

oh wait there's moooooore

so there's actually someone else controlling monokuma? who can it be! /gasppppp/ or maybe he's just moving on his own. seriously, somebody please lock this bear up already omg

this photo is so awwww they used to be classmates who have already known each other for two years and then lost their memories and was made to kill one another and MOST OF THEM DIED WITHOUT KNOWING WHY. and junko is still with her twin sister in this photo :')


Overall Dangan Ronpa wasn't bad, it was rather interesting... but the reason for me going through the stages easily is probably due to me playing the "merciful" mode hahaha naw you can't blame me I'm new to games okay :X One thing I dislike about it is how some deaths are too exaggerated that feels kinda lame idk. The people coming up with the murders could have put more effort in making it a omg-so-that's-what-really-happened thing. Well but easy for me to say, but tough for them to come up with so many ideas.

I really want to play sdr2, the sequel to Dangan Ronpa and I'm wondering if I should play the raw version which I would probably understand like 5 to 10% of the game only, plus the game only has partial readover which means I have to read the texts myself and my brain is very lazy when it comes to processing Japanese characters orz. There's a fan translation of sdr2 going on but they would probably only complete it next year, at the rate it's going??? Ah, well.