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Tuesday, December 31, 2013 1:05 AM

Seeing that it's the last day of 2013, I feel like I should pop back at my blog again for the last update. Last update of THE YEAR I mean. Yea even though I often go on unannounced hiatus (just cuz I'm lazy) I'm never gonna abandon my blog (I hope)

Let's see. What have I accomplished this year? Okay never mind actually I'd rather not discuss about that /coughs/ 2013 has been kinda weird. It's a year where I don't really know what I'm doing tbh haha. Since graduating from school last year I've been lost. But well. At least I've gained some experience this year which is not bad... I guess???

I'll just talk about what happened in the past few months I didn't blog about.
Got myself a new job around July.... It's my third job this year and I worked as an admin assistant. It was quite awkward considering how most people in the office are in their thirties. I bet I'm the youngest since I'm only like what, 19? Hard to make conversations. I only talk to my colleagues when I have to ask them stuff but other than that... naw :\ BUT I SURVIVED!!! Four months of solitude. Four months of eating lunch alone. Yeaaaappps.

coffee milk tea at work!!

boring office

Feeling lazy now I'll just post photos with captions instead haha.



aww their butts haha.
only took photos when the concert was about to end cuz the security was really, really, really strict!!! those who were found with cameras in their bags have to deposit their cameras somewhere else before they can enter the concert venue D: luckily i only have my phone hahaha cuz i dont own a camera anyway. the security only chilled around the last part of concert and suddenly there were cameras everywhere (some peeps hid well) and everyone was snapping photos away

it ended :(

i was SO close *v*

kurobas figurines! went to AFA with dorothy :)


with dorothy!!^^
i like this pic cuz i think i look younger than my age here hahaha.

bought a 3ds xl on impulse cuz.....

pokemon xy came out!! bought x cuz xerneas looks really cool!

im v cool too trust me

got into doctor who recently!!! love tenth (david tennant's smile pls) and eleventh and my fav companions are amy pond and donna noble :D can't believe i managed to survive 7 seasons worth of tears ;;

started playing aceatt too! got dual destinies from weiyan for christmas ^^

Well. That's all. I think. There are more stuff that happened but I'm too lazy. So this is it. Here's to a good year ahead!:)