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Wednesday, December 25, 2013 8:22 AM
Update #523

It's pretty cool how a person changes when s/he grows up. The preferences and stuff etc.

Thinking back on how I used to be fine with sausages (the chinese kind) and duck meat when I was young and I didn't like milk tea or green tea cuz I thought they stink lol. Now every time I smell sausages or duck meat I feel like puking cuz they stink to me these days. Also how I got myself to try milk tea and green tea and grew to like them.

Didn't try coffee until I was like what, 16? Yea I know I'm weird. It's just that when I was young I saw my parents drinking coffee and was wondering about it but mum was like oh coffee's for adults. I tried catching a whiff of it. Doesn't smell particularly great and kinda stinks. (yea i find a lot of stuff stinky lol) Have been drinking more of it recently though- and when I said "more of it" it means like once or twice a month. Definitely smells better to me now ha.

(okay that was just some random thoughts that made me feel like updating my blog. how weird.)

2014 is coming (too fast) and I'm finally updating for this blog for the first time in ages. Not the first time I've abandoned it. Always find myself coming back to it in the end heh. How can I give this up? Tried to keep it alive back then well, guess I just suck at this huh. Many (not very interesting) things have happened since the last time I updated. I'm still running away from my problems. A new year is a good chance for me to finally stop and turn. Gotta face my problem someday.