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Wednesday, February 12, 2014 9:33 AM
Super Dangan Ronpa 2

Note: I'm very talkative when it comes to talking about stuff I like haha.

So yeaaaps I finally got to play Super Dangan Ronpa 2 (sdr2) after finishing the first game a few months ago (I wrote a long post about it here lol) because a Chinese translation for it was finally done so yay!

I'm a fan of the dr (short for Dangan Ronpa) series and its zetsubou (despair in Japanese) because it's amazing. It's kinda like aceatt I think, with the investigations and stuff you have to do after a murder. Well except that in dr you can walk around from locations to locations yourself and choose who you want to interact with? The graphic is pretty cool too. Blood is pink though haha.

Not sure if anyone's reading this but the basic story for the dr games are a group of students being trapped in a location where they're told that they would have to kill someone in order to escape. Simply killing someone won't be enough though, you would have to do it without anyone suspecting it. Why? Because a class trial would be held after a body is found and after some investigation the students will go through a discussion and decide who the murderer is.

Class trial is filled with many really tough mini games and the students would have to come to a conclusion at the end of the trial. If the students make the wrong decision, they will die and the murderer would be the only one who's able to escape. If the students are able to choose the correct murderer, the murderer would be executed in a very flashy way and everyone would continue.... living, until the next murder occurs.

So far I'm only done with the prologue, chapter 1 and chapter 2 of sdr2 but I'm already very excited. It's as brutal as the first game but they managed to talk about the plot twist from the first game at the beginning of the second game (first and second game has mostly different characters btw) instead of reusing the same plot twist so there'll probably be further story line in the future ^^

Note: dr is a really tough game, imo. Those who just watch or read walkthroughs would never be able to understand how much I've sweat just trying to complete one single mini game in the class trial and I'm playing the easy mode please. Or maybe it's just cuz I'm not much of a gamer idk?

But anyway. Here's some a lot of screenshots from sdr2 (mainly chapter 2 cuz I just finished it a few hours ago and I'm sad ;-;)

monokuma was from the first dr game and now we have monomi too but she gets bullied by monokuma all the time cuz he claims that she's his sister idk?? monokuma's the school principal btw he's the one making the students kill...

mioda ibuki. super high school level musician (idk how to translate "けいおん部")

sonia nevermind. shsl princess (she's the real thing lol she's some princess from some weird country idk)

chiaki nanami. shsl gamer- she's so cute ahhhh

entrance to hell the place where class trials are held at

first murderer found and dragged away to his execution

saionji hiyoko. shsl japanese traditional dancer? she's really scary and has a really sharp tongue despite how she looks....

owari akane vs nidai nekomaru- just a friendly fight between the athlete and the manager no worries they're just hardcore

there's this really random pet game in the system where i have to keep this stupid snake and it'll grow the more i walk in the game and i have to feed it and clean its room from time to time when it poops -_-

souda kazuichi. shsl mechanic. just another perv who likes the princess lol

pekoyama peko. (cute name ikr!!!) shsl kendo fencer. she's so pretty and cool

tanaka gundamu. shsl breeder. yes look at this cutie patootie who looks like a rocker-wannabe but he has all these hamsters with him aww :')

monokuma transformation!

Okay from now on would mainly be able the truth to the 2nd class trial. And the killer would be.......

look at this guy!!! he's kuzuryuu fuyuhiko, shsl gangster/hoodlum. he's usually really rude to everyone and doesn't give a fuck to anyone but himself but he's!!! upset!!! over!!! pekoyama's confession to being the murderer!!! AHHHHH if this isn't love then idk what is

apparently there was a serial killer going around named kirakira-chan by the media and pekoyama is claiming that she's the one by showing the mask and she killed out of justice ??

she's so cool

so naturally everyone voted her in as the murderer cuz we don't wanna die :x BUT THEN............

now she's revealing why she killed and that she actually isn't the serial killer too. she's just a "tool" who serves under kuzuryuu ever since young cuz she lost her parents as a baby and kuzuryuu's family took her in and raised her as his "tool". she claimed that kuzuryuu was actually the one who made her kill. if that is so, then we would have voted wrongly since kuzuryuu's the main person behind the murder, and he would be able to escape while the rest of us die :O

guess who started shipping them

and then kuzuryuu admit that he didn't ask her to murder because she's actually the one who did on his behalf in order for him to escape while she sacrifice herself... :( and he revealed the truth since peko was saying how she isn't "human" she's just a "tool" so she isn't counted as murderer -he wanted to make it clear that he sees her as a person (ouch my heart)

she's tsumiki mikan btw, shsl nurse

yes get married already!!

this gangster who's 101% rude to everyone broke down omg my heart broke

but no monokuma doesn't care cuz he's a piece of shit so he dragged her away to execute peko but kuzuryuu was with peko at that point so she hugged him really tightly and shield him from all the attacks coming at them from robots (?) stabbing her

poor bby almost died omfg D':

hahah h a hahah jhdksa my heart ouch this pairing omg

Okay that's all. It's a horror-ish (I didn't show the scary bits haha) and a sad game at the same time ugh I love dr ;;;;; A few more chapters to go before I'm done with sdr2 :')
I feel crazy for making such a long and ridiculous post EXCUSE ME I WAS FANGIRLING BYE