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Tuesday, February 25, 2014 9:52 AM
Update #531

package from bettina in the us arrived yesterday it was a pleasant surprise :')

LOOK AT THIS LOVELY CARD!!! im so touched omg

i can't believe she got me a casing for my 3dsxl?? i've been wanting one but i don't see silicone ones selling around in singapore (idk). i'm so happy cuz people usually don't really care about what i say i want/need and get me like random presents when they have to get me something but bettina actually remembered like omg?? it may not be something really expensive but i'm just so touched someone actually take note of the rubbish i said ;u; my nintendo console looks beautiful now yay

cool necklace :D

hinata from haikyuu!! i can't believe bettina got me this omg i only mentioned to her a few times about how good hq!! is when i was reading the manga (it's about volleyball and it's really good y'all should read it haha)

a ring pop too which i already ate (my lips turned green my mum freaked out lol i feel like a kid again but then again i don't really like sweet stuff haha)

.......and that's all! Thank you Bettina she's an awesome friend (I need to send her stuff soon I've been procrastinating for ages and yes I'm a horrible friend /cries)

Since I started taking photos I decided to included stuff Weiyan gave me too haha (excluding the aokuro magazine it's in the room I'm too lazy to stand up and take it out right now :x)

aomine keychain :'D (my handsome husband)

she got me ace attorney: dual destinies for christmas too!!! (i believe i've mentioned this before)

I need to be a better friend in return sigh;;;;