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Friday, April 18, 2014 10:28 AM
Update #535

Haven't been updating lately so I guess I'll pop by and post some recent kpop songs I love because they're really amazinggggg

note* I'm not a proper reviewer I just get a little dramatic and talkative when I talk about things I like haha

Eric Nam - Ooh Ooh
Super catchy right from the start, I'm pretty impressed by this charming young man. I've heard of him in the past but his name doesn't really catch my attention enough for me to try listening to his songs (yes I'm regretting now I shouldn't have judge him and his songs by his name I'm sorry ;;) I love the music video A LOT it's so playful and really fun to watch :D Hoya did the rapping and he would have looked better if not for that shirt-dress/ long shirt whatever it's called I don't like it lol

Apink - Mr. Chu
Looks kinda typical but ugh I have a thing for cutesy catchy happy songs they just grow on me all the time idk howwww. Didn't like it at first but it started playing nonstop in my head so.... The vocal's nice (and Eunji's really pretty btw- well I may be biased cuz I love Reply 1997)

Orange Caramel - Catallena
I LOVE THIS MUSIC VIDEO SO, SO, SO MUCH. I'm not a huge fan of Orange Caramel, but I listen to their songs a lot and really like a few of their songs cuz they're just so catchy and... different from the usual kpop songs we get these days?? They put in a lot of effort into their music videos too, the costumes and concept is just amazing. This needs more views!

High4 & IU - Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms
Definitely a song for the spring season! High4 sounds great, paired with IU's amazing vocal. A very soothing and comfortable song it makes me feel happy haha

Akdong Musician - 200%
The siblings duo is back with 200%! I love their voice, especially Soohyun's. Her voice is so... silky?? Very comfortable to listen to. They're both so cute I feel upset reading comments on their videos saying they aren't good-looking and stuff like that. I mean. UGH. Mean people who who can't even sing talking trash behind their anonymous icons? PFFT.

Kenshi Yonezu - Eine Kleine (YES I KNOW THIS ISN'T KPOP BUT I JUST WANT TO POST IT excuse me)
I don't listen to much Japanese songs outside of anime songs but this is awesome omg? It's so comfy (yea by now I know I love catchy/cute/comfortable songs lol) it's so nice to listen to and the video's really pretty with the cool art and all that like, wow. IT IS A VERY NICE SONG YES I LOVE

I love Cher Lloyd's recent songs too, like Dirty Love and Sirens. Her songs always have a catchy beat - perfect to listen to when you're staying up late doing your homework (especially Math!) :D Listening to HAIM recently as well they're good I'm surprised I didn't know about them until this year??

Ugh songs I love good songs.

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