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Wednesday, April 23, 2014 12:58 AM
Book: John Dreamer

Read John Dreamer by Elise Celine recently!

The story is basically about a girl named Andy who found herself in the middle of a great white room with six other strangers. None of them remember how they got there and why they're there. There are seats in the room labelled with their names, styled accordingly to each of their personalities. There, Andy met a guy named John Dreamer who kept staring at her and felt like she has seen him somewhere before. (love at first sight? pfft) A man who called himself the Guardian appeared and told them that they're there to make their dreams come true and change their life forever.

It was a really quick read tbh, but I like the plot. The main character found herself in a place where she has never been before, a place where she can't get out of? Lots of potential! I had so many theories in my mind, like the characters are actually dead, like accidents has happened to them in reality but they were given another at chance, and if they succeed they would get to live and achieve their greatest dream.

Is that how it went? Much to my disappointment, no. It was showed that the characters went on to live their dreams happily but we weren't told how and in what kind of situation so I just assume that it's the reality after all? But how? I was kinda confused. Also, there is very little character development. An obnoxious guy who was annoying for 3/4 of the book suddenly turned nice before his death? That's kinda too fast. And love at first sight? Seriously?

Okay those are just the things I dislike in the novel, but other than those, the story was fine I guess. The ending was a little unsatisfying since it was sort of a cliffhanger I guess? But then again I do like books that end with a cliffhanger so I'm not really sure whether my dissatisfaction is a good thing or not. The plot twist was kinda cool and it wasn't a "wow so it's like this!omg omgOMGG" but an "oh I see..."

I can't really complain about the lack of character development since the novel was rather short so... Even so, we get to learn about the struggles of each characters and how they face their fears and stuff like that. It was an interesting read and I did enjoy it, just that it could have been better.:)