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Saturday, June 7, 2014 1:17 AM
Update #539

I hope fun things happen in my life soon so I can update my blog properly instead of just music videos all the time haha.

15& - Sugar
I love this song a lot it's so catchy and fun! The girls really look like they're enjoying themselves, I like their little "sprinkling" hand movement in the chorus it's so cute, and also the scene where their car broke down and they tried hitchhiking haha. Jimin looks really bubbly and Yerin feels more composed and matured :)

Orange Caramel - Abing Abing
I can't- I just love their songs [breaks down] For someone who dislike the colour pink (well scientifically, pink doesn't exist), cute catchy songs are my weakness ugh. Didn't really like the song at first but um..... yea. It's just a commercial they're doing for Baskin Robbins I heard?

Infinite - Last Romeo
It hurts for me not to dedicate a post to MY FAVOURITE BAND's comeback but ugh this just isn't my favourite music video from them. My first impression was quite :\ since I had like HUGE expectation from them and the vid was sort of...typical? Heard that there was more to the music video like involving ships and sea or something? I'm not sure but they changed the concept after the sewol incident so yea. Well. Things happen. Love my boys :')

Taeyang - Eyes, Nose, Lips
Fangirls are gonna love this. (you know what I mean) Well I'm not a huge fan (don't hit me) so I'll just say I love the music here it's perfect to listen to on a rainy weather while you snuggle up in the corner of your bed thinking about sad stuff.....

4MINUTE - Whatcha Doin' Today
This music video is almost 3 months old already. But after 3 months, I finally like it after I settle myself down and watch the vid properly. I love how bright and fun it is and well I guess it is catchy /coughs/ Sort of avoided it at first because it looks like another typical mv where they tried to be sexy (and frankly, it's a little typical) but I really like the bright colours haha

Phantom - Seoul Lonely ft. Gain
Good collaboration. I love the harmony of their voices.

Boyfriend - Obsession
Haven't heard anything new from them in a long time and we're getting two music videos this time! Not a huge fan and I don't really fancy their group's name but I like their songs :x Yea I'm in for anything catchy heh. Can't wait for the second one the teaser looks good. They look so different from when they first debut now (no I didn't like their first mv but yes the rest after that)

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