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Monday, May 19, 2014 10:34 AM
Update #538: Ace Attorney

I see your monsters, I see your pain
Tell me your problems, I’ll chase them away
I’ll be your lighthouse, I’ll make it okay
When I see your monsters, I’ll stand there so brave
And chase them all away
Monsters by Katie Sky. Listening to this song as I upload the screenshots I took while playing aceatt make me just :')

So.... I'm finally done with the 5th game of Ace Attorney. Okay I sorta skipped the 4th one which is the side game but I'll get back to it later after I'm done with 6th. For those who doesn't know about aceatt, it's series of games where we play as a defense attorney and defend our clients in the courtroom and stuff so yea.

It took me months cuz some cases in the games are a little draggy even though they're really, really good. Coming so far, despite how ridiculous the gameplay can be sometimes, there are still heartwarming scenes that just make me want to give all the characters a pat (well, maybe except for the murderers - don't wanna to anger them or anything heh)

she's so tough but she still broke down here ugh my heart

maya is such a babe ♥

yoohoo narumayo


little does she know....

this qt

yes nick do us proud again i'll see you in dual destinies... tomorrow morning


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