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Sunday, August 17, 2014 6:14 AM
Update #543

Feel like posting something emo but WELL I CAN ALWAYS SAVE THAT FOR NEXT TIME.

Totally ripped these photos off my instagram account cuz I'm too lazy to look through my phone haha. Went for OBS recently, did high element activities and kayaking (definitely the highlight of the camp) Only my forearms were tanned, since I was wearing long sleeves and long pants when I kayaked.

High elements was gross and scary, not because I'm scared of height, but more like the fear of falling cuz it's a buddy thing, I had to climb up logs that were so far apart from one another that I almost couldn't reach for the next log above even when I was standing up on one of the logs already. /sweat buckets (I don't wanna fall) Had to step on my buddy's thigh to get up to the next log all the time I felt so bad like wtf I know teamwork is important but I don't really want to sacrifice others in the process tyvm.

I've done kayaking before but it was like for fun and only for an hour or so it wasn't much but I had to kayak for nearly 5~6 hours during this camp, with the wind blowing against us for the second half of the route. Yes it was fun but my arms were completely sore and I was already dead on the inside but I had to continue paddling cuz I don't wanna die in the middle of the sea.

I believe I have more muscles on my arms now after the camp /laughs


Sent Weiyan off cuz she's going back Van D: Hope we all do well in uni :)